External Recognition/Initiatives

Indices That Include KDDI

Inclusion in SRI Index FTSE4Good Index Series


We are included in the FTSE4Good Index Series, a major global index for socially responsible investment (SRI). The index was developed by FTSE Russell, which belongs to the London Stock Exchange Group. It is widely used as a standard for selecting investees by institutional investors who focus on the social responsibility and sustainability of companies.

Inclusion in SRI Index MSCI ESG Leaders Indexes

2022 MSCI ESG Leaders Indexes Constituent

Among global SRI indices, we are included in the MSCI ESG Leaders Indexes.
This index suite was developed by a US-based company, MSCI Inc., and selects companies with excellent environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

Inclusion in Euronext Vigeo Eiris Indices World 120


We are included in the Euronext Vigeo Eiris Indices World 120, a representative SRI index.
This index distinguishes 120 companies achieving the most advanced environmental, social and governance performance.

Inclusion in S&P/JPX Carbon Efficient Index

S&P/JPX カーボン・エフィシェント指数

We are included in the S&P/JPX Carbon Efficient Index, which is a environmental index jointly developed by the Japan Exchange Group, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and the S&P Dow Jones Index.

Acquired the Highest Rank in the DBJ Environmental Ratings


The Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) developed its own environmental rating system. The investment menu confers an environmental rating after companies are evaluated on their environmental management, outstanding companies are selected, and investment criteria are established based on their score. KDDI acquired the highest rank of A in the ratings. Furthermore, KDDI is the only company in the telecommunications industry that has earned a DBJ Environmental Rating (as of September 2022).

Selected as "DX Stocks 2022"

DX銘柄2022 Digital Transformation

The company was selected as one of the "Digital Transformation Issues (DX Stocks) 2022" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. DX Stocks are selected and introduced by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) for each industry category from companies listed on the TSE that have established internal mechanisms to promote DX (Digital Transformation) that leads to increased corporate value and have an excellent track record in the use of digital technology.

Endorsed Initiatives

Joined the United Nations Global Compact


We have joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), which is advocated by the United Nations.
The KDDI Group endorses the ten principles of the UNGC and will contribute to the "achievement of a truly connected society, the KDDI Group Mission Statement, through efforts to ensure respect for human rights in our business activities, achieve carbon neutrality, and strengthen governance in light of the diversification of our business operations.

Obtained SBT Certification, an International Initiative for Climate Change


The KDDI Group obtained SBT certification under the international Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi). In addition to the CO2 emissions reduction targets set by KDDI on a non-consolidated basis (in Japan), the KDDI Group as a whole will further promote measures to address climate change by setting new targets. To reduce CO2 emissions, we will promote energy efficiency and shift to renewable energy for cell phone base stations and telecommunications equipment.

Endorses/Supporting the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)


We also support the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures ("TCFD") established by the Financial Stability Board ("FSB"). Based on the TCFD recommendations, we will proactively disclose information on the "risks" and "opportunities" that climate change poses to our business from the four perspectives recommended by the TCFD: governance, strategy, risk management, and metrics and targets.

CDP's Highest Climate Change Response Score "A List" Certificated


KDDI received its first climate change "A List" certification, the highest score possible for advanced environment companies, from international environmental not-for-profit charity CDP (December 2022). KDDI was recognized as a global leader for environmental activities, with its initiatives such as target setting, action and transparency in climate change operations being rated.

Joined the Japan Climate Leaders' Partnership (JCLP)


KDDI has joined the Japan Climate Leaders Partnership (JCLP), a coalition of businesses in Japan that aim to create a carbon-neutral society, built on the idea that decarbonization is essential to economic development.
KDDI endorses the principles of the JCLP and accelerates the transition to a decarbonized society.

External recognition and awards

KDDI Version Job Style Personnel System Wins Grand Prize in HR Transformation of The Year 2022

HRX 2022

On December 2, 2022, KDDI received the Grand Prize of the HR Transformation (HRX) of The Year 2022 award for its "KDDI Version Job Style Personnel System and Other Initiatives for Human Resource-First Company".
HRX of The Year was established in April 2022 by the HR Executive Consortium (President: Yuu Kusuda), an executive network for next-generation human resources, to encourage the promotion of HR transformation in Japanese companies. The purpose of the award is to contribute to the HR transformation of Japanese companies as a whole by publicizing and spreading awareness of outstanding initiatives in the HR field.

Selected as one of the "Human Capital Leaders 2022" for outstanding human capital management and disclosure initiatives


On February 20, 2022, KDDI was selected as one of the top 10 companies out of 280 participating companies and organizations in the "Human Capital Survey 2022" (HR Technology Consortium and others), which was conducted among Japanese companies and organizations.
KDDI has positioned the transformation into a "Human Resource-First Company" in which a diverse range of professional human capital plays an active role as one of its key management issues, and is promoting the three-pronged reform of introducing KDDI Version Job Style Personnel System, internal DX, and work style reform. We will continue to evolve our past efforts and implement human capital management by implementing data-driven HR strategies, such as promoting diverse human resource activities and D&I through the penetration of the HR system, improving DX skills of all employees and fostering professional human resources, and improving engagement through the penetration of new work styles.

<Reference>Open link in a new window"Human Capital Leaders 2022" announced (external website, in Japanese only)

Recognized as a Company in Line with Health and Productivity Management 2023 (White 500)


We were recognized by the Nippon Kenko Kaigi for our outstanding health management initiatives that consider the health of our employees from a management perspective and which are strategically carried out. This led to being recognized as a Health and Productivity Management 2023 company in the large enterprise category (White 500) (as of March 2023). Our group companies, OKINAWA CELLULAR TELEPHONE COMPANY was also recognized as a Health and Productivity Management 2023 company in the large enterprise category (White 500) in 2023.

Awarded Gold Rating in the PRIDE Index for seven Consecutive Years

work with Pride Gold 2022

We received the top gold rating on the PRIDE Index, which evaluates corporate efforts related to LGBTQ+ and other sexual minorities, for seven consecutive years (as of November 2022). The PRIDE Index was established by a private organization, work with Pride, with the aim of promoting the creation of inclusive workplaces for LGBTQ+ in companies.
KDDI has received the Gold Award for the seventh consecutive year since fiscal 2016 in recognition of its ongoing efforts, including the "Family Partnership Application," which was introduced in June 2020 to treat children of same-sex partners as "family members" under the company's internal system, as well as the awareness-raising education and events held within KDDI.

Rated Five Stars in the 6th Nikkei Smart Work Management Survey

NIKKEI Smart Work 2023

KDDI was recognized as a 5-star company for the third consecutive year in the 6th Nikkei Smart Work Management Survey (November 2022), which selects leading companies taking on the challenge of productivity revolution through work style reforms. The survey, which has been conducted by Nikkei Inc. since 2017, targets listed companies and leading non-listed companies nationwide, and defines "smart work management" as efforts to maximize organizational performance through three elements: the realization of diverse and flexible work styles, a system for creating new businesses, and the ability to develop markets. In addition to the three elements, corporate governance and other management foundations are also included in the evaluation, which is based on a five-star scale. Of the 813 companies that responded to the 6th survey, KDDI received high ratings in innovation capability and market development capabilities.

Rated 4.5 Stars in the 4th Nikkei SDGs Management Survey

NIKKEI SDGs Management Survey 2022

The Nikkei SDGs Management Survey, conducted by Nikkei Inc. since 2019, defines "SDGs Management" as efforts to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through business and enhance corporate value, and evaluates companies based on four perspectives: SDG strategy and economic value, social value, environmental value, and governance. The fourth annual survey was conducted by 886 companies in Japan. In the fourth survey, 886 companies responded, and KDDI received high marks in "SDG Strategic and Economic Value" and "Social Value," and was certified with 4.5 stars for the third consecutive year.


  • The "Smart Agriculture Project in Toyooka City" won the "Executive Committee Special Award SDGs Business Award" at the 9th "Ministry of the Environment Good Life Award" (November 2021)

Awards Received for Our Initiatives in Growing Markets

Tatsuya Hamada, Chairman and CEO of MobiCom Corporation LLC [1] Was Awarded the Order of the Polar Star (ALTAN GADAS ODON)

In May 2021, Tatsuya Hamada, Chairman and CEO of MobiCom Corporation LLC [1] (headquartered in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; hereinafter "MobiCom"), a consolidated subsidiary of KDDI, was awarded the Order of the Polar Star (ALTAN GADAS ODON) by the then President Battulga of Mongolia. The Order of the Polar Star is a high-ranking state decoration in Mongolia and is the highest award given to a foreigner.
MobiCom has been a leader in the telecommunications and IT industry for 26 years since its launch in 1996, and all its employees have worked together to contribute to the development and improvement of the living foundation of the Mongolian people. In addition to this, MobiCom has been actively involved in social contribution activities in Mongolia, and has been recognized for its daily contributions to the development of Mongolia beyond the framework of the telecommunications business.

  1. [1]Positions are as of the time of the award.
Award Evaluation
MobiCom: Honored as one of the Top 100 Companies of 2021 Recognized for its high contribution to the Mongolian economy and society through steady business growth, the creation of employment opportunities, technological innovation, and support for children affected by COVID-19.
MobiCom: Top 10 Entrepreneur Award 2021 Selected as one of the top 10 companies for its high contribution to Mongolian society and economic development. In the CSR category, mobifinance was highly evaluated for its provision of equitable education opportunities for children. In the non-bank category, mobifinance was recognized for its advanced technological capabilities.
MobiCom: Received the Certificate of Appreciation and Medal from the Mongolian Tourism Association in 2021 Received in recognition of MobiCom's contribution to the tourism industry, including the expansion of area coverage in tourist areas and the use of SNS to raise the profile of Mongolian tourist destinations, was highly evaluated.
MobiCom: Received the Darkhan Medal (Order of Merit) from the Government of the 2nd Regional City of Darkhan in 2021 Recognized for assistance to the city during the COVID-19 pandemic and for the prompt and dedicated contribution to the city government's request.
MobiCom: Honored as one of the Top 100 Companies of 2020 Received in recognition of comprehensively contributing to Mongolia's economy with sales, tax payment and capital investment.
MobiCom: Received the Best Tax Payer 2020 Award Received in recognition of the company's ability to maintain employment even under the difficult conditions caused by COVID-19.
MobiCom: Received the Golden Rose 2020 Award by the Mongolian Youth Association Among the projects related to education, health, environment, social innovation, and technological innovation, influential social contribution activities are recognized.
MobiCom: Moffice (an office provided to start-up companies) received the Forbes Property Awards 2020 From various new real estate and properties, properties that have realized innovative architecture and design are selected.
MobiCom: Top 10 Entrepreneur Award 2019 Received in recognition of the company's business accomplishments, profit, social responsibility, employment, exports, and other factors.
MobiCom: Received the best player of ICT EXPO 2019 award Recognized for the company's comprehensive activities in the ICT field.
MobiCom: Received the award for Corporate Social Responsibility at the Forbes Mongolia Awards 2019 Received in recognition of being the best Mongolian company in the field of social responsibility and eco-friendliness.