Environmental Management

KDDI Environmental Charter

KDDI Environmental Charter is composed of two tiers, the Manifesto (Approach to Global Environmental Problems) which is the highest concept, and the Action Guideline for defining the direction of concrete initiatives.


The KDDI Group recognizes the importance of fulfilling its duty as a responsible global corporate citizen to conserve and protect the Earth's irreplaceable environment that future generations will inherit. We are committed to programs featuring environmental enrichment activities that will benefit all of our descendants.
We believe the powerful driver to achieve this will be the innovations through collaborations and co-creations transcending the boarders of companies and organizations.
We do this by blending communication into every industry through the safe and secure communication platforms we provide, supporting business activities and customers in every scene solve problems. The aim is to reduce stress on the environment and play our part in bringing about a sustainable and robust society.
Furthermore, based on the state-of-the-art technologies we have developed-including communication technologies, our impact will extend to helping to solve diverse and complex societal and environmental problems and provide services capitalizing on customer touchpoints, The aim is for sustainable growth together with the environment and society, which are the foundations of our business.
We will promote growth-oriented sustainability management that creates a positive cycle for the environment, society, and economy. And through striving to bring about a decarbonized society, we will conserve biodiversity and work toward a circular economy so that the future generations can inherit the Earth's irreplaceable environment in good shape.

Action guideline

  1. We will strive to evaluate the quantitative impact of our activities as a company on the global environment, implement effective environmental protection programs and continuously improve these programs. Specifically, we will:
    1. (1) Develop and operate environmental management systems necessary to make continuous improvements in such environmental fields as energy conservation, resource conservation and waste reduction.

    2. (2) Comply with environmental laws, ordinances and other regulations and requirements. In particular, we will promote measures to reduce our electricity consumption from the perspective of preventing global warming.

    3. (3) Promote communication through the appropriate disclosure of information.

  2. We will strive to develop and offer services that reduce environmental impact through the use of next-generation information technologies.
  3. We will contribute to the development of a recycling-oriented society by promoting measures to mitigate and reduce the environmental impact of activities that necessarily entail mass consumption, such as the supply of mobile handsets.
  4. We will promote corporate purchasing policies that favor eco-friendly products and equipment.
  5. As a responsible corporate citizen, we will contribute to society and local communities through activities that promote an affluent society that is in harmony with the environment.