KDDI's Value Creation


DDI Corporation (DDI), the predecessor of KDDI, was established in June 1984 as Daini-Denden Planning Company. With the deregulation of communication via the enforcement of the Telecommunications Business Law in April 1985, DDI, with the slogan "Make Japanese Telephones Cheaper," brought the concept of price competition into the telecommunications market which had previously been monopolized by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation (currently Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation).
In the company credo "Elevate Our Minds ―Asking ourselves if our motives are righteous or selfish―," which has remained the same since the establishment of DDI, there is a phrase "We aim to create a better life together with customers" and its idea has been passed on as KDDI's DNA till today.
Through business activities based on the KDDI Group Philosophy and the KDDI Code of Business Conduct, the promotion target of which are all employees ranging from new employees to executives, KDDI has been working on solving social issues aiming to achieve a truly connected society outlined in the KDDI Group Mission Statement.

KDDI's Commitment to Sustainability