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KDDI's Commitment to Sustainability


Sustainability Promotion Framework

The President of the KDDI serves as the chair with the remaining committee members made up of the executive directors and general KDDI's Approach and Guidelines on Corporate Governance managers of all the businesses and corporate sectors, the Audit & Supervisory Board members of KDDI, and the President of the KDDI Foundation. The committee considers sustainability to be a pillar of company-wide business strategies.
Improvements in sustainability are incorporated into company-wide KPIs and are linked to executive remuneration and bonuses for all employees.

Major Issues Addressed by the Sustainability Committee in FY2022 (Convened in September and February)

  • Report on the achievement of the 2022 Mid-Term Sustainability Targets
  • Progress report on efforts towards promoting sustainability management
  • Deliberation and approval of the revision of the KDDI Group's Human Rights Policy
  • Progress report on human rights respect activities throughout the KDDI Group
  • Progress report on efforts to achieve carbon neutrality throughout the KDDI Group
  • Formulating and approving a draft of FY2023 sustainability promotion plan

The KDDI Group Philosophy/KDDI Code of Conduct

The KDDI Group Philosophy, Group-wide Efforts

FY2021 Results of Our Actions

KDDI Group Philosophy study sessions
Executive director study group Total number of sessions: 4
Leader study group Total number of sessions: 54
Total number of participants: 5,377
Member study group Total number of sessions: 166
Total number of participants: 20,165
New-hire training Total number of sessions: 18
Training for new recruits (for regular employees)

"Compliance: basic practices"

E-learning (for regular employees)
  • "Insider Trading Regulations"
  • "Preventing Misrepresentation"
  • "Unconscious Bias"
  • "Power Harassment"
Distribution of web shortcuts related to the KDDI Code of Business
Conduct to business mobile devices
  • For executives, regular and contract employees, temporary staff, and subcontracted employees who have been given business mobile devices
Implementation of a survey on the awareness and understanding of the Business Ethics Helpline
  • For regular and contract employees, temporary staff, etc.
  • Period: October 2022 to January 2023
  • Results: 98% awareness of the Business Ethics Helpline
Group companies' training on governance
  • For executives of group companies, etc.
  • Number of participants: 86
  • Evaluation: Satisfied 100%
KDDI's Commitment to Sustainability