International Calls

KDDI is providing a large variety of services outside Japan, such as telecommunication and the Internet to cover the wide range of needs of customers living overseas. You will be able to receive the high quality services befitting KDDI at low cost anytime and in any country.

Phone services

KDDI provides high quality services at low cost outside Japan. You can apply easily in Japanese. KDDI has help desks in USA, UK, France, Australia, Hong Kong, and Korea. KDDI responses to all inquiries in Japanese.

Prepaid Cards

These can be conveniently used when you make direct dial calls to Japan. Since the guidance is lucid and made in Japanese, people who are not used to international calls can confidently place calls. You can also use these cards in Japan. You can use them in Hong Kong.

Internet services

Using telephone line, KDDI offers a large variety of services including dial-up access suitable for people who want to enjoy email and the Internet abroad easily. You can use these services in USA, UK, Germany, France, Australia, and Brazil.