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International Calls

International calls from a fixed-line phone and mobile phone become more accessible. Make calls from Japan and from overseas. International calls become more accessible with KDDI's various services.

International call services

International calls from mobile phones

au International Call Service

au International Call service is a service that allows any customer to easily use international calls using their current au mobile phone without any special procedures.

010-country code-phone number

001 Kokusai Mobile TalkService terminated

This international calling service enables calls from au mobile phones as well as mobile phones from other carriers and fixed-line phones.

001-010-country code-phone number

Operator-Assisted Calls

Operator-assisted calls from Japan

KDDI operators are able to connect you with more than 230 different regions.

KDDI Japan Direct (Operator-assisted calls from overseas)

KDDI operators are available 24 hours a day, all year round to connect you with Japan in English.

Direct Dialing Calls from Public Phones

Direct Dialing Calls from Public Phones

KDDI lets you call overseas from the street corners of Japan.
You can make international calls using public telephones by directly dialing the party you want.

Global service/international telegram

Global service

KDDI offers a diversity of services in foreign countries to cover a wide variety of overseas customers' needs including telecommunication and Internet.

Global service

International telegram

Choose KDDI when you send an international telegram. You can order by phone or fax at your office or home.

International telegram