KDDI Open Innovation Fund has invested in a total of 76companies. (as of September 16, 2020)

  • 76 companies do not include the investment in fund of funds


Open link in a new windowTOLOT
TOLOT Inc. provides a printing/bookbinding service that allows customers to put pictures that are saved in their smartphones into a single photobook by using a dedicated application.

Open link in a new windowMOI
The provider of a live stream broadcasting service "TwitCasting"

Open link in a new windowLiver
LiveStreamers Inc. is a talent agency for many LiveStreamers who act on live stream broadcasting services.

Open link in a new windowONE MEDIA Inc.
  • Creator network
  • Movie production
  • media


Open link in a new window3rdKind
3rdKind Inc. publishes and produces smartphone games. The company rolls out many high-quality game titles from abroad to the Japanese market.

Open link in a new window5Rocks (Korea)
5Rocks, Inc. develops growth hack tools specializing in mobile games and applications. The company provides all types of analytical features and management solutions to maximize the life time value (LTV) of the users.
  • * August 6th 2014, Acquired by Tapjoy,inc.

Open link in a new windowAppBroadCast
AppBroadCast Co., Ltd. develops and operates Game Gift, a comprehensive media for attracting customers of smartphone games offering items as gifts. The company operates a consulting business for attracting mobile game customers.
  • * April 8th 2016, Acquired by mediba

Open link in a new windowSoft Gear
Soft Gear is a company that develops online games that are compatible with a variety of platforms.


Open link in a new windowORIGAMI
Origami Inc. operates a social shopping service that allows customers to follow their favorite brands and shops and obtain the latest information.

Open link in a new windowMONOCO
MONOCO Inc. operates a shopping site that offers selected designer items, including fashion accessories and miscellaneous goods, from around the world.

Open link in a new windowgiftee
giftee, Inc. operates a social gift service that allows customers to send gifts via e-mail, LINE and other SNS on their smartphones.

Open link in a new windowLUXA
LUXA, Inc. operates a selected online flash sale site that offers premium items, such as luxury brand items and products of popular restaurants, at member-exclusive prices.
  • * April 14th 2015, Acquired by KDDI

Open link in a new windowCreema
Creema Ltd. provides a marketplace for hand-made items in which original works of creators are traded.


Open link in a new windowAoi-zemi
Aoi.co provides Aoi-zemi, which is an online tutoring school on live streaming.
  • * December 7th 2017, Acquired by ZKAI Learning Technology Inc.

Open link in a new windowRareJob
RareJob Inc. provides an on-line English conversation training service that allows customers to take one-on-one lessons from selected excellent teachers.
  • * The company became a listed company on Mothers of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on June 27, 2014

Open link in a new windowEdmodo (US)
Edmodo. Inc. provides social network service platform specialized for the field of education.

Open link in a new windowPLACEHOLDER, Inc.
PLACEHOLDER, Inc. operates next generation theme park "Little Planet" brings you fun digital attractions for the whole family.


Open link in a new windowJimoty
Jimoty, Inc. operates a classified advertisement site that allows users to post local advertisement information, such as For Sale/For Spare, Help Wanted, and Events, free of charge.

Open link in a new windownanapi
nanapi, Inc. operates a site for sharing useful techniques in daily life.
  • * October 1st 2014, Acquired by KDDI as consolidated subsidiary

Open link in a new windowTSUMIKI
TSUMIKI Inc. provides Filmarks, a social movie review service, enabling the discovery of truly interesting movies around the world, as well as engaging in the advertisement planning and production business.
  • * August 18th 2015, Sold all shares to Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd.

Open link in a new windowissuu (US)
Issuu, Inc. provides an industry-leading digital publishing platform that connects the world's content creators to an audience of active readers around the globe.

Open link in a new windowVentureBeat (US)
VentureBeat, Inc. provides a site for technology news media.

Open link in a new windowRICH MEDIA
RICH MEDIA operates KamiMado, a site where users can search for and make reservations at over 8,000 beauty salons and nail salons nationwide, and have access to various beauty columns.

Open link in a new windowlogly
logly, Inc. is a technology company that has strengths in data analysis technologies such as "Natural Language Processing" and "Machine Learning." They provide native advertising platform "logly lift".

Open link in a new windowUNDOUTSUSHINSHA
UNDOUTSUSHINSHA operates SPORTS BULL, a news media for sports fans.

Open link in a new windowSMARTCAMP Co., Ltd.
We provide BtoB platform "BOXIL", technology media "Beyond" and inside sales consulting & outsourcing service "BALES" with our vision "Small Company, Big Business."


SyncLunch, Inc. was providing Social Lunch, a service that helps people meet other people over lunch using their real names on Facebook.
  • * The company sold all its shares to Donuts Co., Ltd. on December 10, 2012


Open link in a new windowiRidge
iRidge, Inc. provides location-linked push notification ASP service "popinfo".
  • * July 16th 2015, Got listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers

Open link in a new windowMoxtra (US)
Moxtra, Inc. provides a service that enables various digital files to be edited and shared in real time on multiple devices among members of a group.

Open link in a new windowMist Technologies
Mist Technologies, Inc.provides a P2P contents delivery platform "MistCDN".
  • * August 31th 2016, Acquired by Adways Inc.

Open link in a new windowOssia (US)
Ossia, Inc. developed a wireless power charging technology called "Cota".

Open link in a new windowZOYI (Korea)
ZOYI provides "WalkInsights", a people counting, tracking, and analytical tool for offline stores based on WiFi signals, and "Channel", a CRM and chat tool for online stores, in both Korea and Japan.

Open link in a new windowAllganize (US)
Allganize offers enterprise workplace automation by providing AI-driven knowledge management SaaS (Software-as-a-service).

Open link in a new windowMad Street Den (US)
Providing "Vue.AI", an one stop Artificial Intelligence solution.

Open link in a new windowGeoSpock Ltd
Provider of geo-temporal data analysis and visualization platform.

Open link in a new windowSynamon
Contents planning, product development and operation for VR, AR, MR (Mixed Reality)

Open link in a new windowKids Diary
KidsDiary service and app aims to drastically optimize the management of children's nurse tasks and pre-schools.

Open link in a new windowOkage
Okage provides the mobile order automation solution.

Open link in a new windowPixie Dust Technologies, Inc.
Joint development of solutions using digital fabrication and AI with core of unique wave control technology "HAGEN".

Open link in a new windowGTRIIP
The leading platform with biometrics-driven, document-less registration technology software provider.

Open link in a new windowRepro Inc.
Development and provision of a CE (customer engagement) platform that optimizes communication between companies and customers.

Open link in a new windowSecret Double Octopus (Israel)
Secret Double Octopus provides a passwordless authentication solution for accessing enterprise assets and desktops.


Open link in a new windowsubsclife Inc.
Subsclife Inc. provides a rentling service that premium office and home furniture delivered and assembled in less than a few weeks. Pay monthly and decide later if you want to add, return, or buyout your items.

Open link in a new windowHailo (UK)
Hailo Network Holdings Ltd. engages in a service for dispatching taxis and settling accounts using smartphones in major cities around the world.

Open link in a new windowPogoseat (US)
Pogoseat, Inc. a seating upgrade service for sporting events and concerts.

Open link in a new windowLoco Partners
Loco Partners, Inc. operates the online accommodation booking website, "relux". It provides selected and members' only information of the premium accommodations.
  • * February 7th 2017, Acquired by KDDI

Open link in a new windowDAILY (Korea)
Providing mobile hotel and restaurant reservation services.

Open link in a new windowHosty
HOSTY, Inc. operates cozy and distributed hotels where any type of travelers, even groups can find perfect accommodation.

Open link in a new windowNeutron Holdings, Inc (Lime)
Lime provides e-scooter sharing service in over 100 cities of North America, Europe, Asia and others.


Open link in a new windowMonohm Inc. (US)
A provider of innovative IoT devices "Runcible" which based on Firefox OS.

Open link in a new windowAugust (US)
Provides a smart lock device for home automation and security.
  • * December 13th 2017, Acquired by Assa Abloy

Open link in a new windowTelexistence
Providing robotics and cloud data services based on the telexistence technology.

Open link in a new windowXSHELL
Providing IoT platform for hardware and software developers.

Open link in a new windowResin.io (UK)
Providing IoT device management platform.

Open link in a new windowUnaBiz (Singapore)
Serving as Sigfox network operator in Singapore and Taiwan and providing Sigfox based IoT Solutions.

Open link in a new windowPebblebee
The provider of a smart tracker developer.


Open link in a new windowHacosco
Planning, sales and operations of smart phone VR service Hacosco.

Open link in a new windowCluster
Providing virtual event platform "cluster".


Open link in a new windowEmbrace Co., Ltd.
Embrace Co., Ltd. provides "Medical Care Station (MCS)" , a chat based SNS platform for team Medical care (Doctors, Nursing care, and other health care workers).

Open link in a new windowPREVENT Inc.
PREVENT Inc. a Nagoya University launched digital health startup company, provides disease management programs for patients with chronic disease through a mobile app.


Open link in a new windowHalo Neuroscience (US)
Creators of a neurostimulation headset that accelerates muscle movement.

Open link in a new windowEUPHORIA
Providing sports data managament service"ONE TAP SPORTS".

Open link in a new windowRUN.EDGE Limited
Development and provision of video search and analysis services for the sports field.


Open link in a new windowNANOEGG (R) Research Laboratories, inc.
NANOEGG (R) develops medical products based on dermatology research, and provides cosmetic products based on their own "drug delivery system".

Open link in a new windowMojo Vision Inc.
Mojo Vision provides Mojo Lens, a smart contact lens with a built-in display that gives you timely information without interrupting your focus.

Real Estate

Open link in a new windowITANDI
Itandi, Inc. develops applications for real estate industry. The products include an online broker app "nomad", a marketing automation and CRM software "nomad cloud", and an automated phone answering system "Bukkakun".


Open link in a new windowAspectiva (Israel)
Aspectiva analyzes massive volumes of consumer opinions from across the web, turning them into comprehensive and valuable insights based on NLP and AI technologies.

Open link in a new windowARAYA inc.
Algorithm and application development on machine learning including deep learning.

Open link in a new windowOPTIMIND Inc.
Last-mile route optimization cloud service.


Open link in a new windowCAMPFIRE
Providing Crowdfunding platform "CAMPFIRE" "FAAVO" "polca" "CAMPFIRE Owners" and etc.

Open link in a new windowDigital Alpha Group Pte Ltd
PT Digital Alpha Indonesia, a subsidiary of Digital Alpha Group Pte Ltd operates an online loan platform "UangTeman" in Indonesia.

Open link in a new windowSecuritze, Inc.
The Platform for the Issuance and Management of Digital Securities.


Open link in a new windowDeeping Source Inc.
Automatic data anonymization technology.

B2B SaaS

Open link in a new windowBizteX, Inc.
Cloud-based automation technology.

HR tech

Open link in a new windowFindy Inc.
Engeneer talent employment support by HR technologies.

Fund of Funds

Open link in a new windowGB-VI Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership
The fund has been focused on creations of, and supports for, innovative ICT startups which can contribute to strengthening competitivenesses of Japan and the world economy. The fund has leveraged Global Brain's capabilities of strategic deal sourcing based on deep understandings and analysis of ICT trends, business matchings between large enterprises and startups based on its track records of corporate venture capital funds, and intensive hands-on supports by professionals with various backgrounds and expertise.

Open link in a new windowMiraise1 InvestmentLimited Partnership
MIRAISE is a seed VC fund investing in startups led by hackers.