External Assurance

Environmental Data Guarantee Statement

KDDI commissioned Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited ("LR") to provide independent assurance engagements at a limited assurance level.
LR's assurance engagements cover the following for the company's operations and activities in Japan and overseas.

  • Verification of conformity with the reporting standards established by the company for the following selected data
  • Evaluation of the accuracy and reliability of the following selected environmental data
    • Scope 1 GHG emissions (tCO2e)
    • Scope 2 GHG emissions (market-based and location-based) (tCO2e)
    • Energy usage (MWh)
    • Water use (m3)
    • Industrial waste (tons)

Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Verification Report

ISO 14001 Management System Certificate