KDDI Code of Business Conduct (Basic Principles)

Happiness of Our Employees and Vibrancy in the Company

I. Respect for Human Rights and Individuality

We will respect human rights and aim to create a work environment that is comfortable, rewarding, and safe, where each and every employee can enjoy affluence and a rich life. In addition, we will provide equal employment opportunities while supporting the personal growth of each and every employee.
We will also respect the human rights and privacy of individuals and will not engage in any business activities, including business transactions and the hiring and treatment of employees, which violate human rights, discriminate against, harass, or harm any individual on the basis of gender, age, nationality, race, ethnic background, origin, thought, creed, religion, health, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity, sexual expression.
Moreover, we will promote procurement activities that encourage respect for human rights.

II. Conscientious Performance of Duties

We will not engage in other businesses without the approval of the company and will not pursue our benefit or the benefit of a third party at the sacrifice of the company's benefits.

III. Respect for Intellectual Properties

We will strive to create and protect the company's intellectual properties as well as have respect for others' intellectual properties.

Earning our Customers' Satisfaction and Trust

IV. Provision of Services that Respond to the Trust and Confidence of our Customers

We will respond to the customers' trust and confidence by providing services with value based on due consideration of the protection of the customers' rights and benefits.

V. Promotion of Fair Business Activities

We will pursue sound business activities as well as fair trade with all our customers and business partners, by prohibiting anti-competitive behavior and endeavoring to prevent such behavior. We will also maintain a sound and proper relationship with politics and administration, and will not offer illicit financial contributions to politicians, bribes to public officials or other persons in public positions (including deemed public officials or foreign public officials), or similar types of offers, promises, or improper benefits.
We will offer donations and sponsorships using methods that do not engage in corrupt practices.

VI. Management of Information to Protect the Secrecy of Communications and Customers' Information

We, as business persons engaged in the telecommunications business, will handle information that relates to the secrecy of our customers' communications with strict and proper care. We will strictly refrain from acquiring customers' or business partners' information as well as the company's confidential information through unauthorized means, disclosing or releasing such information that came known to us in the course of our duties to external entities, or using such information for purposes other than what it is intended for. We will manage the company's information assets with strict protection against unauthorized access from external entities.

Confidence of Our Shareholders and Business Partners

VII. Practice of Open and In-depth Communication

We will ensure faithful communication with society, including shareholders and business partners, in order to broadly earn and respond to the understanding and confidence of society. As a part of our social responsibility, we will also fulfill our function as a member of the community by pursuing partnership and cooperation with the community.

VIII. Prevention of Insider Trading

We will not pursue our benefit or the benefit of a third party through trading stocks or other means based on undisclosed information that we learned in the course of our duties or owing to being a KDDI employee.

IX. Appropriate Accounting and Adherence to Agreements

We will adhere to the financial and accounting rules and create our records and documents correctly and in accordance with the rules. We will appropriately create agreements, which should clearly define the rights and obligations of the company, sign them, and abide by the provisions stipulated therein.

Development of the Society

X. Environmental Conservation

In order to maintain a rich society in harmony with the environment, we will not only strive to reduce any environmental impact caused by our activities, but also actively work on energy-saving, resourcesaving, and recycling through business activities so as to contribute to environmental conservation as corporate citizens and part of the community and society.

XI. Rejection of Anti-social Forces

We will take a strong stance against requests from an anti-social force for illicit funds and will not comply with their demands.

XII. Contribution to the Development of the International Community

As members of the international community, we will always commit ourselves to actively contribute to world economy and social development through our business activities, regardless of where they are conducted.