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Privacy Policy

I Handling of Personal Information in Telecommunications Business Field

1. Intended Purpose of Use of Personal Information and Presence/Absence of Contract

For the following operations in the telecommunications business field that we perform when providing the telecommunications services set forth in Attached Sheet 1-1 and services associated with telecommunications services set forth in Attached Sheet 1-2, we handle the personal information listed below for each operation and at the same time we contract all or part of the operation.
The "Subscriber" represents each individual service subscriber and addressee of a bill, and "Users" refer to all those users registered with the User Registration System for au Telecommunications Services.

  • With respect to the handling of personal information and information associated with the confidentiality of communications, KDDI complies with the Telecommunications Business Law, the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, laws concerning the use of specific numbers for identifying individuals for government procedures, guidelines for each business field specified by a competent authority, including Guidelines Concerning Protection of Personal Information in Telecommunications Businesses, and other related laws and ordinances.
Purpose of use in the telecommunications business field Service information presence/absence
of contract
1. Service provision operation in the telecommunications business field (including implementation of details in accordance with terms of contracts, terms of use, etc.) (1) - (16) Present
2. Operations related to the calculation and billing of service charges and operations related to the calculation and awarding of points (1) - (5), (8) - (16) Present
3. Operation related to examination of contracts, examination of credit, etc. (1) - (10), (16) Present
4. Operation related to customer services (1) - (4), (8) - (16) Present
5. Operation related to user support (1) - (4), (9), (14) - (16) Present
6. Operation related to addition of or change to optional services (1) - (4), (9), (14) - (16) Present
7. Operation related to the suspension of services (1) - (4), (9) - (16) Present
8. Operation for providing information on current services, new services and new menu (1) - (4), (6) - (16) Present
9. Information provision operation after investigating and analyzing usage conditions of services (including purchase conditions) (1) - (4), (6) - (16) Present
10. Operation related to products, services, events, campaigns in an effort to promote the use of services (1) - (4), (6) - (16) Present
11. Operation related to questionnaires (1) - (4), (6) - (16) Present
12. Operation related to the display and distribution of advertisements (1) - (4), (6) - (16) Present
13. Operation related to development of new services as well as evaluation and improvement of service quality (1) - (4), (6) - (16) Present
14. Operation related to service provision facilities, equipment, software development, operation and management (1) - (4), (6) - (16) Present
15. Operation related to investigation and response in the event of a product defect, system failure, or accident associated with services (1) - (4), (6) - (16) Present
16. Investigation operation at the occurrence of and to prevent illegal contracts, illegal use, and non-payment (1) - (16) Present
17. Information provision operations related to services (including services other than telecommunication services) provided by KDDI, our affiliated companies and other affiliations
See Attached Sheet 5 for affiliated companies and other affiliations
(1) - (4), (6) - (16) Present
Personal information to be used Source
(1) Name and address of subscriber Subscriber
(2) Date of birth and gender of subscriber Subscriber
(3) Subscriber's phone number, mail address, au ID, subscriber code, contact phone number, place of work, etc. Subscriber
(4) Information in the subscriber's identification documents (driver's license and certified copy of registry, etc.) Subscriber
(5) Information related to the subscriber's residence certificate and certified copy of registry obtained by making an inquiry at a public institution Public institution
(6) Information published in official government gazettes and telephone directories Public information
(7) Name, address, contact, etc. obtained from a third party with a subscriber's consent by referral of a customer Third party
(8) Address, bank account number, and account holder's name as well as credit card number necessary for billing (including billing address) Subscriber
(9) Description of service applied for by a subscriber Subscriber
(10) Service charges, billed amount, payment status, payment method, etc. of the subscriber Service information
(11) Information on communication history, including starting/ending time of communication of a subscriber and user, length of communication time, and destination number [1] Service information
(12) Information on location of a subscriber and user [2] Service information
(13) History of a subscriber's and user's browsing and use (including purchase history) [2] Service information
(14) Information on communication devices (serial number, model name, product number, device-unique ID, etc.) Service information
(15) Name and date of birth of a user registered with the "User Registration System" of au Telecommunications Services. Subscriber
(16) Other information obtained through service provision including application, detail of inquiries, identification codes automatically granted to customers by KDDI, etc. Subscriber, Service information

We may use the personal information obtained through bank agency and insurance agency services for the above purposes of use in the telecommunications business field.
We may also use the personal information provided to us as a third party by the companies listed elsewhere in 5-2-3 Partner Financial Institution, 5-2-4 Partner Insurance Companies and 5-2-5 Partner Financial Product Business Operators, with the consent of the customer, within the range of the purposes of provision to a third party.

  • [1]
    Of the information stated in (11), with respect to information associated with the confidentiality of communications, even in cases of use relating to operations stipulated in items (1) and (2) above, KDDI will limit use to legitimate business uses, legal defense, emergency evacuations, and other cases deemed to be justifiable cause for noncompliance with the law, or cases where consent is separately obtained from the customer.
  • [2]
    For communications histories, location information, application startup histories, address book information, pictures, movies, and other personal information, we will give consideration to customer privacy and may obtain consent from the customer.

2. Shared Use of Personal Data

We share personal data on customers as follows:

  • Particulars and intended purpose of use of personal data is specified in Paragraph 1.
  • We will share personal information with the OKINAWA CELLULAR TELEPHONE COMPANY.
  • KDDI will be responsible for the management of personal data collected on customers.

3. Provision of personal data to third parties

In addition to the uses of personal data in the possession of KDDI described in Paragraph 2, we may also share this information with third parties in the following instances:

  1. We may, in accordance with the terms of contracts, give other telecommunications companies (see Attached Sheet 3) personal data on nonpaying customers, senders of commercial or other unsolicited e-mail (spam), or customers whose service has been suspended due to refusal to respond to requests for identification verification in accordance with Article 11 of the Act for Prevention of Improper Use of Mobile Voice Communications Services.
  2. For the purposes of preventing illegal contracts, the occurrence of nonpayment of charges, and other incidents, we may provide other mobile telecommunications carriers (see Attached Sheet 3) with personal information (name, address, date of birth, identification documents, identification numbers, arrest information, methods of forgery, contract screening results, etc.) related to forged or falsified identification documents submitted by customers or persons applying for a contract.
  3. We may provide the necessary personal data, in accordance with the terms of contracts or with prior consent from the customer, to other mobile carriers or PHS carriers involved in the implementation of Mobile and PHS Number Portability (MNP) or telecommunications carriers with whom we have entered into interconnection agreements.
  4. We may provide customer data (such as the location from which a call was placed, name, address, phone number, etc. of the customer), in accordance with the terms of contracts, to organizations that deal with emergencies (such as the Police Agency, Coast Guard Headquarters or the Fire Department).
  5. In the event that a customer files a complaint against KDDI regarding e-mail or SMS (C-mail) (hereinafter referred to as "e-mail, etc.") received by the customer, we may, with prior consent from the customer, give other telecommunications companies (see Attached Sheet 4) personal data related to such filing. In addition, in the event that a line contractor with a telecommunications carrier other than KDDI who received e-mail, etc. sent by a customer files a complaint against such telecommunications carrier regarding the email, etc. sent by the customer, we may, in accordance with the terms of contracts, receive personal information on the customer from such telecommunications carrier (see Attached Sheet 4).
  6. In addition to the above, we may provide personal data held by KDDI to third parties in a form that does not permit personal identification (anonymously processed information or statistical information).

4. Accredited Personal Information Protection Organization and Contact Point for Requesting Settlement of Complaints

The accredited personal information protection organization of which we are a member and contact point for requesting settlement of complaint are:
Telecommunications Personal Information Protection Promotion Center

Open link in a new windowTelecommunications Personal Information Protection Promotion Center Website