Health-Focused Management

President's Message

In April 2018, the KDDI Group announced the "KDDI Group Declaration of Health-Focused Management" and set forth three basic policies.

KDDI Group Declaration of Health-Focused Management

In our mission statement we declare: "The KDDI Group values and cares about the material and emotional well-being of all its employees and delivers a thrilling customer experience by always going further than expected with the ultimate goal of achieving a truly connected society." As the success of the company depends on a happy and energized workforce, we see the health of our employees as a key agenda for the management of the KDDI Group. We hereby declare our commitment to health-focused management, through which we will support the health of our employees at the organizational level as we strive for a prosperous future.

The KDDI Group will:

  1. Encourage and help our employees to take proactive steps to improve and maintain their health.
  2. Work closely with the KDDI Health Insurance Union and the KDDI Workers Union to improve the physical and mental health of our employees and their families.
  3. Embed a "health first" culture within the group, where the pursuit of physical and mental health creates an energized and productive workforce.

The KDDI Group will continue to maximize the productivity of each employee by creating an environment in which employees are physically and mentally healthy and motivated to work. We will thereby contribute to the sustainable growth of the KDDI Group and the realization of a sustainable society.

President, Representative Director, CEO
Makoto Takahashi

KDDI Group Declaration of Health-Focused Management and Promotion Framework

To promote employee health, the foundation of health management, we work closely with the KDDI Health Insurance Union and the KDDI Workers Union to improve the physical and mental health of our employees.

The Goals of Health-Focused Management

KDDI continues to be a dynamic company where employees can work in good health and with vitality. We set promotion points that serve as health indicators and plans and implements measures to achieve the targets.

KDDI aims to foster an environment and culture where employees can work healthfully and earnestly to maximize individual and organizational performance.

KDDI's Health Management Promotion Priority Implementation Items

  1. Illness detection rate and improvement of obesity rates
    (lifestyle improvements in terms of exercise, diet, alcohol consumption, and sleep)
  2. Decrease in smoking rates
  3. Reduction in the number of employees absent from work due to mental illness
  4. Zero departments with comprehensive health risks exceeding 120 on the stress check

Target for the end of FY2023

Illness detection rate : 59.8% or less
Obesity rate : 26.0% or less
Smoking rates : 16.7% or less
New cases of mental illness leave : Less than 100
Comprehensive health risk 120 or higher : 0%

Health-Focused Management Strategy

FY2022 Concrete Initiatives

[1] Reduction of Mental Illness among Employees

■ Interviews with All Employees

In-house counselors conduct interviews to check on their health, jobs, work environment, human relationships, etc. We implement biannual 30-minute one-on-one interviews with each individual, with 100% completion in the first and second halves of the year. After the interview, if signs of mental illness or excessive working hours are observed, the company responds in cooperation with medical staff and organizational leaders. In addition, we provide feedback of employees' voices to the organization and relevant departments and discuss solutions at the "Workstyle Reform Promotion Committee". Surveys of interviewees were also conducted to improve the knowledge and skills of in-house counselors.

▼Activation of Experienced Employees in the In-house Counseling System

The 'in-house counselors' conducting interviews with all employees are individuals with extensive knowledge and experience, including former line managers and certified professionals [1]. Leveraging the skills and interpersonal abilities developed through their prior experiences, these talents can comprehensively support employees in achieving happiness and well-being, fostering career autonomy and organizational development through counseling. They enable employees to work autonomously and productively. It is also a place where experienced veteran employees can thrive.

  1. [1] Such as industrial counselors and nationally certified career consultants.

<Voices from in-house counselors>

  • Points of satisfaction
    "I feel a sense of accomplishment when I can provide support for employees facing various challenges, helping them approach their work with a positive attitude."
  • Skills that can be applied in the job
    "I have honed and acquired the company-recommended qualification of an industrial counselor, applying it to interviews, including listening and response techniques."
  • Goals for my future career
    "I want to support each employee not only mentally but also provide meticulous assistance in their career development."

■ Education to Improve Work Environment

【For all employees】

  • (1)

    As part of the Work Style Reform and Health-Focused Management Month, workplace discussions with the theme of "Communication" were conducted, with an implementation rate of 88.5%.

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  • (2)

    Manabi Contents E-Learning
    "Learning from cases: Mental health issues can be encountered in the workplace." Participation rate: 100%
    "Now, let's think about communication." Participation rate: 100%
    "Mental Health Care in fiscal 2022 (self-care)" Participation rate: 93.2%

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【For line managers】

  • (1)
    Lecture by an occupational health doctors on "Harassment in the Workplace" Degree of satisfaction: 100%
  • (2)

    Manabi Contents E-Learning
    "Mental Health Care in fiscal 2022 (line-care)" Participation rate: 92.9%

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■ Mindfulness Training

Four sessions of training on breath meditation as a means to promote self-mental care, conducted in a format of both foundational theory and practical exercises. Degree of satisfaction: 91.8%
The measurement results before and after the training showed an increase in the level of mindfulness, along with confirmed stress reduction and improved concentration.

Method for measuring effectiveness

Measuring changes in the five factors that assess the level of mindfulness before and after the training.

Measurement target: Employees who participated in all four training sessions
Measurement method: Measured using a 39-item questionnaire to assess the level of mindfulness, structured around five factors.

Contents of the five factors

  1. 1Observing experiences: Being aware of sensations received with all five of your senses.
  2. 2Non-reactive attitude: Being aware of current emotions but simply observing those emotions.
  3. 3Non-judgmental attitude: Not making judgments about events in front of you or thoughts that arise automatically.
  4. 4Description: Articulating what you are thinking and feeling.
  5. 5Mindful action: Paying full attention to what you are doing in the present moment, rather than being in a state of absent-mindedness."
  • Source:
    Sugiura, Y., Sato, A., Ito, Y., & Murakami, H. (2012). Development and validation of the Japanese version of the Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire. Mindfulness, 3, 85-94.
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■ Conduct Stress Checks

Employees surveyed in fiscal 2022: 91.4% (fiscal 2021: 88.3%)
Feedback of group analysis reports from in -house counselors to all headquarters.
The target is to have zero departments with comprehensive health risks exceeding 120, establish action plans for improvement, and implement a PDCA (Plan -Do-Check-Act) review at the end of the fiscal year.
Improved from 8.4% to 5.2% compared to 2021.

Comprehensive Health Risk Distribution of Number of Departments

Productivity Losses

FY2021 FY2022
Number of employees absent from work due to Mental Instability 124 114
Average number of days of leave for employees taking leave due to mental instability 146 156
Presenteeism [2] 14.2pt 13.1pt
  1. [2]Presenteeism: "Percentage of productivity loss of high-stress individuals" - "Percentage of productivity loss of non-high-stress individuals"

[2] Illness detection rate reduction

■ Health Guidance (Before health checkups/After health checkups/Specific health guidance)

Based on regular health exams, KDDI provides health guidance to over 1,000 employees annually who have been found to have lifestyle-related diseases. As a result, the following year's health exams showed improvement in numerical values.

Improvement Status of Detection Rate

  • Percentage of improvement in findings among those who received guidance prior to the health checkups

■ Sports Events for Health Enhancement Events Using a Health App

Since in 2019, we distribute a health app to our work smartphones.
In fiscal 2022, we are promoting the utilization of our in-house service, the "au Wellness for Biz app".
Taking on the challenge of recording daily walks and height/weight. Also implementing the awarding of health points within the app. Additionally, team entry walking events are regularly held. The number of teams taking part in these events is gradually increasing. The number of employees with exercise habits is steadily increasing.

Walking Event Participation Status

FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 1st 2nd 3rd
Part1 Part2 Part1 Part2
Implementation Period 7/1~7/31 11/1~11/16 1/20~1/31 2/1~2/15 8/22~9/4 12/1~12/18 12/1~12/10 1/17~1/26 November December January
Number of Teams 105 111 118 115 119 130 Individual Tournament Individual Tournament 74 125
Number of Participants 1,476 1,516 1,099 1,050 827 944 1,816 1,833 1,071 706 1,125

Bowling Event Participation Status

  • FY2022
    Implementation Period February
    Number of Teams 43
    Number of Participants 270
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  • Image

Status of Improving Exercise Habits

■ Health Seminars

Women's Health

The importance of periodic checkups for breast cancer, which is a health issue particular to women, as well as how to conduct daily self-checkups and how to balance work and treatment if you are diagnosed with breast cancer.
These seminars are held online to help you manage your health.
Participants 90 people

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Lifestyle Improvement Seminar

The seminars are held online nationwide to improve employees' health literacy, to improve their own health concerns, and to promote their health promotion efforts.
Information about the seminars is posted on the company's intranet, and employees are able to attend the seminars of their choice.

Status of Lifestyle Improvement Seminars Held Nationwide

  • Tohoku Area Eating Habits Seminar
    Tokyo Area Metabolic syndrome breakthrough seminar
    Eating Habits Seminar
    Sleep Seminar
    Headache Prevention Seminar
    Southern Kanto Area Eating Habits Seminar
    Stress Reduction Seminar
    Hokuriku Area Immunity Seminar
    Kansai Area Exercise Seminar
    Shikoku Area Sedentary Behavior Seminar
    Obesity Reduction Seminar
    Kyushu Area Eating Habits Seminar

■ Anti-smoking Initiatives

Quit Smoking Challenge

Start by declaring a quit smoking challenge on a health app.
Employees who successfully quit smoking for three months and are featured in a success story interview will receive health points.

Smoking Cessation Online Program

Interested employees receive subsidized access from the Health Insurance Union to an online smoking cessation program. Nurses support smoking cessation across three months.

Smoking Cessation Support Desk

Information is provided to smokers by medical staff via e-mail.
Additionally, a smoking cessation support desk is available for consultation at any time.

Smoking Rate Trends

External Evaluation of Health-Focused Management

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