Creating Sound Labor-Management Relations

KDDI's Approach ―Sound Labor-Management Relations

We aim to further promote decent work for all employees by working toward improving labor-management relations through honest discussions and negotiations with representatives of all employees.

Status of Union Membership (KDDI non-consolidated)

Total number of union members [1] 10,545
Union participation rate
(Percentage of employees covered by labor agreements)
  1. [1]Includes KDDI's currently serving regular and contract employees, as well as employees on loan from the company

Creating Sound Labor-Management Relations

Signing of Union Shop Agreement and Cooperation between Labor and Management

We guarantee the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining. We adopted a Union Shop Agreement that requires all employees in Japan, except for managers and non-regular employees, to join the KDDI Workers Union starting in January 2012, and we signed the Labor-Management Relations Agreement, Union Activities Agreement and Collective Bargaining Agreement with the KDDI Workers Union. As of the end of March, 2022, the number of union members covered by these labor agreements was 10,545, reflecting a union participation rate of 99%. Regarding items with a significant influence on the treatment of employees, such as changes in the organizational structure and systems relating to human resources, we hold discussions with the union, and their consent is obtained before implementing any changes. Various issues relating to the improvement of working environment are also discussed between labor and management through collective bargaining, working-level negotiations, labor-management committee and the like as required, and in fiscal 2021 we had 97 meetings in total. Such discussions will be held as frequently as possible in fiscal 2022 as well.
The KDDI Workers Union provides union members with information about the content of negotiations between labor and management. Agreements reached in previous sessions (benefit to both sides) include: introduce the KDDI Version Job Style Personnel System, increase in fixed monthly pay, bonus payment based on company performance, enhancement of the work shift interval rule, making shortened working hours for parents more flexible, eliminating the time limit on shortened working hours for caregivers, enhancement of the system for accumulating annual paid leave, promotion of health-focused management, fertility treatment leave, promotion of harassment preventive measures, and conclusion of an internal minimum wage agreement. In addition, through the Agreement on Handling of Personnel Transfers, we have stipulated in the Labor Agreement that an employee shall be notified at least five days before a personnel transfer is officially announced, and we have established a system for receiving complaints from the person concerned.

Pension System

In August 2020, KDDI introduced a defined-contribution corporate pension plan for employees to whom the KDDI Version Job Style Personnel System applies. This plan supports employees' life plans and autonomous asset-building efforts. To enable each employee to build their assets in accordance with their wishes, we hold briefings and provide extensive investment education through e-learning.

Wellness Benefits (for Employees)

Various systems
  • Two-day weekends (Saturday, Sunday, holidays)
  • 123 days off per year (weekends, holidays, end and start of year: FY2021 results)
  • Annual paid leave (20 days. *Varies according to work attendance rate, and, for the first year of employment, to the month an employee joins the company.)
  • Free vacation system (promoting taking five consecutive paid vacation days)
  • Special leave (for funeral, marriage, birth, childcare, etc.)
  • Refresh vacation
  • Maternity leave
  • Childcare and caregiving leave, etc.
Insurance Insurance Health insurance, pension insurance, employment insurance, labor accident insurance, etc.
Asset creation Various asset creation and accumulation systems, employee stock-holding association
Welfare association KDDI Group Welfare Association (mutual aid benefits, support systems for daily life, group insurance, group life insurance, sports clubs, golf courses, department store perks, coupons for theme parks and resorts, etc.)
Residential investments Affiliated home loans
Resorts Around 75 contracted resorts nationwide
Human Resources