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Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

KDDI's Approach (Professional Advancement of Women)

Promoting gender equality and female empowerment not only deepens our understanding of their human rights but leads to solutions to issues in international society and corporate sustainable development.
This is reflected in the Mid-Term Management Strategy, and we are promoting the advancement of women as a business strategy.
We at KDDI strive to establish an environment and create a climate where diverse human resources can use their individual strengths to perform to the best of their abilities. We are focusing on cultivating female leaders, raising awareness while changing the behavior of management and improving the working environment, so that women can become ambitious to build their own career and continue to work even while going through major life events, like giving birth and raising children.
In addition, from fiscal 2022, we will enter the implementation and penetration phase of the new personnel system and have set the following items as our goals for women's advancement.

Cultivating and Promoting Female Leaders

We believe that the participation of women in company decision-making will contribute to enhancing our corporate strength and are focusing on a female leaders training program. In addition, from fiscal 2022, we will enter the implementation and penetration phase of the new personnel system and have set the following items as our goals for women's advancement.


  1. 1Percentage of women participating in its senior management training program: 20% or over
  2. 2Percentage of females in managerial positions (non-consolidated): 15% or over by FY2024
  3. 3Percentage of newly hired female employees: 30% or over

By meeting the targets related to senior positions, managerial positions, and hiring, we will help bring women's advancement in the pipeline.

Percentage of females in managerial positions (non-consolidated)

females in managerial positions 9.4%

(As of April 1, 2022)

KDDI's Promotion of Women's Activity

Promotion of Women's Advancement Through the Unified Three-Part Reform

Through the unified three-part reform introduced in FY2020-"KDDI Version Job Style Personnel System," "the Declaration of New Work Styles," and "In-House DX"-we have introduced a personnel system that places more emphasis on the "individual" and improved the environment. Through these efforts, the promotion of professional advancement of women is further progressing.

  • KDDI Version Job Style Personnel System enables every employee to become a professional in a variety of fields utilizing KDDI's wide range of business areas, and to aim not only for traditional leadership positions as managerial positions, but also, for specialized positions. Employees can now be promoted to managerial positions without restrictions on age, number of years enrolled, or other factors, depending on their own desires and achievements, through close communication for career development during monthly 1-on-1 meetings with their supervisors.
  • Since the "Declaration on New Work Styles" in 2020, we have developed flexible and productive work styles centered on teleworking and the use of satellite offices to create an environment that allows employees to work without restrictions on time and place. At the same time, we have expanded our working environment and systems by introducing a flexible working hours system with no core hours from April 2022. As a result of these efforts, even employees experiencing time constraints are able to perform to the fullest extent.
  • In-house DX seeks human resources who can effectively use technology to create innovation and added value. KDDI will provide training for employees to realize their desired careers through self-directed learning and by acquiring professional skills at KDDI DX University, established in FY 2020 as an in-house human resources development organization.
  • We believe that by steadily implementing this unified three-part reform, we will be able to realize both sustainable growth of the company and growth of our employees, as women and other employees with various attributes will be able to fully express their full potential.
  • Prospective high-level personnel training
    KDDI has set the target of raising the percentage of women participating in its senior management training program to 20 percent or higher, expanding training opportunities that will lead to the appointment of more women for senior positions.
  • Seminars for female students
    KDDI provides females in the science field with an opportunity to learn about the challenging job that makes them feel accomplished and the activities of women by holding panel discussions featuring KDDI's female technical employees. With these efforts, we aim to increase the number of KDDI fans and encourage them to think more concretely about career development.
  • Cross-Industry Forums
    In addition to internally training personnel, KDDI dispatches members in managerial positions or those one step away from managerial positions to J-Win [1] programs to enhance the qualities and perspectives necessary for female leaders.
    By participating in cross-industry exchanges and sectional committee activities throughout the year, the participants have gained a mindset of "thinking more concretely about leadership" and improved their skills, such as "feeling an improvement in problem-solving skills," and have had the opportunity to develop their careers as leaders.
  1. [1]NPO J-Win: Nonprofit organization Japan Women's Innovative Network
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