Charges (For customers who have subscribed to the partner providers)

Initial service charge ¥550 (tax included)
Basic monthly rate ¥308 (tax included)
Calls between KDDI-IP Phone subscribers
and calls between KDDI-IP Phone subscribers
and partner providers' IP phone subscribers (free connection)
Calls to partner providers' IP phone subscribers (with connection fee) ¥8.8 (tax included)/3 minutes
Calls to a phone in the conventional phone system ¥8.8 (tax included)/3 minutes (anywhere in Japan)
Calls to mobile phones To au mobile ¥17.05 (tax included)/minute
Other than above ¥17.6 (tax included)/minute
Calls to PHS ¥11 (tax included)/minute and additional ¥11 (tax included)/call
International calls ¥9/minute (tax free) (Example: US mainland)
IP phone adaptor rental fees ¥308 (tax included)/month
  • For fees charged by BIGLOBE, @nifty, and Infovalley, contact the respective providers.

KDDI-IP Phone additional services

Service provided Initial cost Basic monthly rate
Request for Caller notification ¥0 ¥220 (tax included)/month
Do-not-disturb service ¥0 ¥330 (tax included)/month
Caller ID request + Incoming call rejection ¥0 ¥495 (tax included)/month [1]
  • [1]
    You can save more money on your basic monthly rates by subscribing to both services as a set.