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Building the Infrastructure for Developing Countries (Connecting Day-to-day Lives)

Connecting day-to-day livesBuilding the infrastructure for developing countries

Mainly in developing countries in Asia, KDDI will build communication infrastructure so all local residents will be included in the communication area. We will also provide high quality communication services at low prices to realize industrial growth.

Social Issue

Approximately 300 million people live in areas without internet access in South East and South Asia

Case 01

Building a Communication Infrastructure in Myanmar

In Myanmar where improvement of the communication infrastructure was an urgent task, KDDI built a communication service environment through a joint project with Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) and Sumitomo Corporation. As a result, people across the country can now enjoy communication with smartphones. KDDI provides a long-term training program in Japan for MPT employees who will play a key role in the future with the goal of further improving the quality of communication services.

Case 02

Making Everyone Smile by Connecting: International Contribution in Nepal

KDDI built a regional network in Dullu Municipality, which is the western mountainous region approximately 650 km from the Nepal capital of Kathmandu, using a low cost and unique construction method of installing optical fiber cables that are as robust as submarine cables on land. With support from a medical university in Kathmandu, an environment that enables remote medical-checkups was also developed between a central hospital in the region and health clinics under its management. In addition to the medical field, the regional network is scheduled for use in various purposes such as public administration and education.