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Fostering Health and a Purpose in Life (Connecting Hearts and Minds)

Connecting hearts and mindsFostering health and a purpose in life

In an era where people live longer, KDDI will realize a society where anyone can feel healthy and satisfied in their job by taking leadership in the execution of work style reform and utilizing cutting-edge ICTs.

Social issue

Shift from material affluence to mental affluence in the age of longevity

Case 01

Promoting the Active Role of Elderly Employees

KDDI has been working on various environment creation measures to further broaden the work fields of elderly employees. In addition to reemployment after retirement up to 65 years of age, KDDI has various systems that enable elderly employees to work energetically such as career development training and an open recruitment system for elderly employees in preparation for the era when people live longer.

Case 02

Execution of Work Style Reform and Promotion of Health Management

KDDI established a new dedicated organization known as the Work Style Reform & Health Management Department to encourage drastic awareness and behavior change from conventional work styles to realize a workplace environment where all employees can remain healthy and work energetically and perform to their utmost. In addition, along with releasing the Declaration of Health-Focused Management and building a system to support the health of individual employees as an organization, KDDI proactively promotes various initiatives.