KDDI Japan Direct

Calls from Overseas KDDI Japan Direct
Calls from Overseas KDDI Japan Direct

The service from Brunei and Norway ended on 30 September 2022.

KDDI operators are available 24 hours a day, all year round to connect you with Japan in English.

Operator-assisted calls from overseas

Operator-assisted calls from overseas

Rates from Overseas

The calling rate is always the same, regardless of the country or region of the person you wish to call and regardless of whether you call from a fixed-line phone, mobile phone, or any other kind of terminal.

First three minutes 2,160 yen
Each additional minute after the first three minutes 460 yen
  • International calling rates are exempt from taxation.

Important Notes

  • Credit card payment is not available for this service.
  • You can make collect calls paid for in Japan. However, credit payments are not available with this service.
  • This service is not eligible for discounts such as "Danzen Talk II DX," "Danzen Talk II," etc.
  • The charge for the international operator-assisted call will be billed to the telephone number from which the call was made, two months after it was made.

How to call from Overseas

Operator-assisted calls from Japan: Click here for international operator-assisted calls

Access Number
(KDDI Japan Direct)
- (Give the KDDI operator the telephone number in Japan and the name of the party you wish to connect with. The operator will connect you via a collect call in which the party on the other end pays the phone charges.)

  • *The service categories of "Station-to-Station Calls" and "Person-to-Person Calls" have been abolished.

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