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Customer Relationship Management

Customer Satisfaction Improvement System

We will continue aiming to achieve sustainable business growth by enhancing customer engagement and actively breaking ground in new life design fields, especially those related to telecommunications. To better understand the needs of our customers and provide more fulfilling and convenient lifestyles, we aim to further improve customer experience (CX) and provide customers with exciting experiences by expanding our life design services into areas like commerce, energy, finance and entertainment, focusing on our existing communication services.
As a fundamental approach, in all departments, we strive to enhance every customer touchpoint, working on cross-departmental improvements across au Shops, Customer Service, various apps, communication and sound quality, products, websites, pricing, and services. We aim to further improve the precision and speed of these efforts through CX promotion meetings attended by top executives.
Many evaluations, criticisms and comments we receive from customer questionnaires form the guidelines for our behavior. Reflecting these opinions sincerely in our business completes the cycle of offering further value to our customers.

Collecting Customer Feedback

We sincerely listen to valuable customer feedback and immediately translate it into action to continuously refine our services and quality. Based on their opinions and demands, we analyze and identify problems using the internal system that is updated daily. When prompt decision making is required, management executives and representatives of related divisions meet and discuss how to solve problems throughout the company. In order to share customer feedback with the whole company, we also have an intranet all employees can access and see their comments (excluding their personal information).

Framework for Collection of Customer Feedback

Furthermore, we deliver our thoughts on customer feedback and examples of service improvements through the 'Improvement Activities from Customer Feedback (Action! - Getting Closer to Our Customers -)' website to our customers.

Initiatives for Customer Satisfaction

Visualization and Improvement of Customer Satisfaction in au/UQ Sales Channels

In response to diversified customer needs, KDDI confirms customer satisfaction with the service received at the au Shops through post-usage surveys. We developed a system that enables us to confirm the survey results on the following day of the survey at the earliest.
We will work hard to improve store-front customer satisfaction and customer experience in the au sales channels throughout Japan based on survey results.
This initiative is inviting more people to choose au and UQ.

Multilingual Support Initiatives

Services are available in multiple languages at au Style shops and au Shops.
Available languages: 16 in total
(English, Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Spanish, French, Thai, Nepalese, Hindi, Russian, Indonesian, Burmese, Malay and Ukrainian)

  1. *Depending on each au Shop, the available languages for assistance may vary.

Other Initiatives

Initiative Details
CX AWARD KDDI holds the annual contest to praise day-to-day initiatives at au Style/au Shop/UQ Spot shops and share good practices across all the stores
au smartphone classes, online smartphone usage courses We provide video tutorials that explain how to perform the initial setup, basic operations of smartphones, and practical app usage.
au Smart Support We offer a membership-based support service offering tailored support for customers using smartphones

Initiatives for Corporate Customer Satisfaction

KDDI supports the digital transformation of its corporate customers by leveraging technologies such as 5G and IoT, and by collaborating with partner companies. We also provide one-stop services and solutions that contribute to customers' businesses on a global scale. We will continue to offer new experiential value to our customers while contributing to the creation of a resilient future society that supports Japan's economic development and addresses social issues.

KUG: KDDI Enterprise Users' Group

KDDI Enterprise Users' Group (KUG) is an organization operated by our corporate customers. In KUG, which KDDI supports as the organizer, members from various industries gather and hold seminars, observation tours and workshops in order to interact, study and cultivate friendships.
These activities also provide opportunities for KDDI to collect opinions and feedback from members to improve services and develop new products.
Through exclusive observation tours and seminars, KUG aims to accelerate the communication between its members and KDDI.

FY2022 Activity Results

  • KDDI facility tours "Shinjuku building"
  • KDDI facility tours "Tama center building"
  • Online seminar "5G opens up new business creation"
  • Online seminar "Human Resource Development for Successful Company-wide DX"
  • Online seminar "Business Transformation with KDDI"
  • KDDI facility tours "KDDI research atelier"

Customer Satisfaction Survey