Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement: Our Approach and System

Stakeholders that influence our businesses are diverse, ranging from customers, shareholders, business partners, employees and their families to local communities, etc. We at KDDI implement various activities to offer new, satisfying experiences to all stakeholders in our business operations.
We also use the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards, SASB, IIRC, ISO 26000 and other global sustainability standards; JIS Z 26000, Environmental Reporting Guidelines, Guidance for Collaborative Value Creation and other domestic standards; and checklists that consist of questions we receive from investors. With these, we create and implement policies for assessing our current conditions and addressing management issues.
The results of engagement efforts are not only reported and shared within the company but also reported at relevant committees and management meetings and reflected in the decision-making process. KDDI values the dialogue with all our stakeholders who support us. We will continue to build up collaboration with our stakeholders and tackle societal issues to contribute to the development of a truly connected society.

Stakeholder Identification and Prioritization Process

From the perspective of achieving sustainable growth for both the company and society by enhancing social and environmental value in addition to economic value through our diverse business with telecommunications at the core, we have identified seven main stakeholders: service customers, shareholders/investors, local communities, NPO/NGO, administrative organizations/industry groups, business partners (suppliers), and employees and their families. Furthermore, in the implementation of stakeholder engagement, we assess factors such as the impact of stakeholders on the KDDI Group business activities before conducting prioritization.

Stakeholder Engagement Feedback and Risk Response

To mitigate potential risks in our engagement efforts, we employ diverse methods, such as dialogue, to ensure that divergent objectives and unrealistic expectations toward KDDI do not arise. Additionally, we are actively committed to effective engagement through regular evaluations of its effectiveness. We are making efforts to ensure stakeholder engagement is not affected by factors such as language differences and others with stakeholders from various countries by enhancing English support and information disclosure on our website. Each engagement result is, of course, reported and shared internally, and depending on its significance, it is also reported in various committees and the Corporate Management Committee and reflected in decision-making. Furthermore, when necessary, pertinent information will be shared with relevant stakeholders through our website, reports, and other channels.

Stakeholder Correlation Diagram

Stakeholder Dialogue

We conduct stakeholder dialogues led by the Executive Officer of Sustainability. Through these dialogues, we incorporate the opinions and requests of stakeholders into our corporate management to build schemes for further improvements.
In fiscal 2023, we invited external experts to discuss and share their evaluations and expectations regarding KDDI's initiatives with a focus on "environments" and "human rights." The feedback received will be used to inform our future measures.

Results of Stakeholder Engagement

Service Users

We strive for the satisfaction of our service users (customer experience) by living up to their trust and offering safe and valuable products and services.

Content of Engagement Influence on the management and business activities
  • Provide information through various media, websites, SNS, etc.
  • Respond to inquiries at the Customer Center (by phone and on the website)
  • Receive feedback to improve our products and services
  • Spread information appropriately
  • Improve customer experience
  • Share feedback across the company, Improve convenience of products and services and guarantee safety by the divisions in charge

Shareholders and Investors

We work to build a relationship of trust through honest and fair disclosure of information and active communications.

Content of Engagement Influence on the management and business activities
  • Report at General Meeting of Stakeholders, financial results briefings, and shareholder newsletters
  • Meet with domestic and foreign institutional investors, explain and exchange opinions at briefings for individual investors
  • Provide information via websites
  • Strengthen governance
  • Deliver information using websites and other information tools with a sincere attitude

Local Communities

We collaborate and work in partnership with local communities and fulfill our duties as a corporate citizen.

Content of Engagement Influence on the management and business activities
  • Carry out social contribution activities in each community
  • Exchange opinions through local administrative organizations, etc.
  • Open information morality courses (KDDI smartphone and mobile phone safety classes, Raise DRR Literacy with Your Smartphone), interact with local residents through environmental education
  • Reflect opinions on the environment conservation activities
  • Solve social issues in partnership with administrative organizations and local communities
  • Contribute to community safety and development


We contribute to a better society through dialogue and cooperation.

Content of Engagement Influence on the management and business activities
  • Practice activities through the KDDI Foundation, social contribution activities across the world in collaboration with NPOs and other organizations, and participate in progressive initiatives
  • Understand the social issues and needs in each community

Administrative Organizations/Industry Groups

We comply with the law and maintain sound relations.

Content of Engagement Influence on the management and business activities
  • Participation in study groups and councils, information gathering and exchange of opinions through administrative agencies, industry associations, and economic organizations
  • Make proposals on various laws, guidelines and deregulation

Employees and Their Families

We continue to be a dynamic company that provides job satisfaction to all employees.

Content of Engagement Influence on the management and business activities
  • Conduct Employee Engagement Survey
  • Communicate directly between the President, executives and employees (Excitement Tours (Waku-Waku Tours))
  • Exchange opinions with the labor union
  • KDDI Sports Festival (Co-hosted with the labor union)
  • Analyze the state of companywide organizational culture and identify issues to be tackled in each department
  • Respect human rights of employees
  • Create a sense of unity throughout the company

Business Partners (Suppliers)

We build partnerships based on mutual trust and carry out appropriate business activities with fair and open transactions.

Content of Engagement Influence on the management and business activities
  • Conduct a sustainable procurement survey and conduct a hearing based on the results
  • Briefing for business partners
  • Exchange of opinions with business partners and external experts
  • Promotion of sustainable procurement through supply chain

Participation in External Initiatives

We endeavor to participate and play a leadership role in initiatives and organizations in and outside Japan to contribute to the development of a truly connected society.

Initiative Position
International Standardization of Telecommunications
ITU Radiocommunication Sector
  • SG4-related Meeting WP4C Chair (Efficient orbit/spectrum utilization for the mobile-satellite service (MSS) and the radiodetermination-satellite service (RDSS))
ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector
  • SG3 Chair (Rates & Policy)
  • SG9 Chair (Video Transmission & CATV)
  • SG17 Vice-Chair (Security)
3rd Generation Partnership Project
  • TSG SA WG1 Vice-chair (Service & System Aspects)
GSM Association
  • Director
  • Director
  • WG2 Co-Chair (RAN Intelligent Controller)
IOWN Global Forum
  • Director
Building a Safe and Secure Society
Japan Smartphone Security Association (JSSEC) Vice Chair/Director/Secretary
Telecommunications Carriers Association (TCA) Director
The Foundation for MultiMedia Communications (FMMC) Director
Japan Internet Safety Promotion Association Director
Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion
NPO J-Win Advisory Board Member


GSMA (Global System for Mobile Communications Association)
GSMA is engaged in activities to promote initiatives towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the mobile-centric telecommunications industry. The Mobile Industry Impact Report published by GSMA in 2022 includes KDDI's efforts to clarify the relationship between business operations and social issues, and the dissemination of KDDI Sustainable Action both inside and outside the company. Furthermore, since declaring the industry's commitment to Net Zero by 2050 in 2019, GSMA has been engaging in activities to support and promote the reduction of GHG emissions. KDDI has consistently participated in and contributed to these activities. In June 2023, KDDI, as the sole domestic telecommunications provider, collaborated with 11 leading global operators in endorsing the initiative to increase the volume of collected used mobile devices established by GSMA.
  1. NotesNet zero: Net-zero greenhouse gas emissions