Initiatives for au Style/au Shops/Distributors

Initiatives for au Style/au Shops

As of the end of March 2023, there are 279 au Style stores (including directly managed stores) nationwide, 1,780 au Shops nationwide, and 238 UQ Spot stores nationwide, all of which specialize in KDDI products and services. These shops including au Style and au/UQ mobile Shops are the place where customers actually see and experience au/UQ mobile products and services. KDDI products and services are also widely available at Toyota car dealers and electronics retail stores in addition to au Style and au Shops.
We at KDDI consider that improving the service quality of au Style, au Shops and UQ Spot―as specialty stores for a telecommunications operator―and other au distributors to be particularly important to maximizing positive customer experiences. We continue to support them in various ways to further improve skills of the staff.
Since training staff is essential to improving the service quality of all distributors, we help the staff learn effectively through e-learning in which they can gain basic operational knowledge and new product information and online sales training. We have also implemented a qualification system to evaluate staff skills and store management capabilities and encourage their sales efforts to achieve high customer satisfaction by awarding the titles "Advisor," "Master," "Lifestyle Consultant (au Style only)" and "Expert." We train and certify "X Supervisors," who promote human resource development management at distributors. Moreover, we hold the "CX AWARD," an annual contest to present various initiatives at au Style, au Shops and UQ Spot, and share praise and good practices.
We also conduct periodic audits of au Style, au stores, and UQ Spot to check the status of implementation of operational rules for information security and legal compliance. By providing feedback based on the audit results, we are working to raise security and compliance awareness among staff handling personal information and improve the accuracy of our operations.

Support for Distributors

We at KDDI support our distributors in their various sales support activities. This includes our support when they open or move to new locations, in organizing staff for store operations, and in staff capacity building through various in-store staff training and qualification exams.
In its agreement with distributors, KDDI requires them to have no involvement in anti-social forces, engage in fair trade practices and conduct proper business activities.

Major Education and Training Activities

Target Initiative details Frequency
For distributors' management Sales role-playing training session using examples of inappropriate sales cases
(Expected good practices to be cascaded by distributors' management to their staff)
As needed
For in-store staff E-learning "Compliance General Course" Distribution of various training materials
(examples of misconducts, etc.)
Once a year
Supply Chain Management