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Promoting the Telecommunications Business in Emerging Countries

In the telecommunications business in Myanmar, we have enhanced customer touchpoints. We worked to improve network quality by adding mobile phone base stations, strengthening network operations, and expanding area coverage in line with customer flow. We also worked to enhance customer contact points by expanding brand shops, including regional locations, systemizing call center operations, and launching a new content portal site.

As a result, by March 31, 2016, the number of mobile phone subscribers had increased by 3 times in the period since we signed the joint business agreement in July 2014, to more than 19 million, at higher than planned levels.

In March 2016, we also consolidated MobiCom Corporation LLC, which has a top share of domestic mobile communication subscriptions in Mongolia.

[Solving Social Issues Through Business] Initiatives in Mongolia

In Mongolia, construction of a fiber network is in progress, and installation of a 33,000km backbone network has been completed. However, broadband internet is not available in villages distant from connection points to that network, and over 30 villages have difficulty just connecting to the internet.

In 2015, the KDDI Foundation, working with the Mongolia Information Technology, Post and Telecommunication Authority, introduced a pilot program to offer satellite-based broadband internet connectivity to three villages along the country's border. Following construction of the network, the speed of exchange of information between village offices, hospitals, schools and relevant central government institutions has improved dramatically, contributing to maintaining and enhancing life in these villages. KDDI plans to consider expanding this effort.

Ceremony marking the opening of services in Tsagaannuur village in northern Mongolia.

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