Analyst Coverage

(as of December 18, 2023)

Astris Advisory Japan K.K. Kirk Boodry
BofA Securities, Inc. Yuki Kaneko
Citigroup Global Markets Japan Inc. Mitsunobu Tsuruo
CLSA Securities Japan Co., Ltd. Oliver Matthew
Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd. Yoshio Ando
Deutsche Securities Inc. Peter Milliken
Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd. Chikai Tanaka
Haitong International Japaninvest KK Yushi Kawamoto
HSBC Securities (Japan) Limited Neale Anderson
Jefferies Singapore Limited Atul Goyal
JPMorgan Securities Japan Haruka Mori
Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. Yusuke Hori
Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Co., Ltd. Tetsuro Tsusaka
New Street Research Pte., Ltd. Chris Hoare
Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. Daisaku Masuno
Okasan Securities Co., Ltd. Yusuke Okumura
SBI SECURITIES Co.,Ltd. Shinji Moriyuki
SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. Satoru Kikuchi
Tokai Tokyo Research Center Co., Ltd. Ishino Masahiko

List of analysts from securities companies and research firms who make recommendations and reports concerning KDDI's performance (in alphabetical order of company).


This list is subject to change as coverage is either added or dropped by a firm. Please note that this is purely a list compiled by KDDI, that there are, in fact, other analysts reporting on KDDI, and that the table does not always show the most updated list of the analysts covering KDDI.

Analysts, irrespective of whether they are listed or not in this table, analyze KDDI's performance, businesses, services and technologies, and make regular (or not-so-regular) forecasts. Please be aware that neither KDDI nor its management is involved in any process of making them.

This list takes as its objective the provision of information to shareholders, investors and other visitors regarding analysts who make recommendations and reports concerning KDDI and their firms. It constitutes neither an offer nor a solicitation to purchase or sell KDDI stock.

  • For general information regarding the extent of KDDI's liability for this site, please refer to the "Disclaimer" page.


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