About KDDI Business segments

From the fiscal year ending March 2020, KDDI Group has been reorganized into two segments: Personal and Business.
We are focusing on the following seven business strategies, aiming to be the company contributing to sustainable growth society and working continuous growth in business.

  1. Creating innovation toward the 5G era
  2. The integration of telecommunications and life design
  3. Further expansion of global business
  4. Utilizing big data
  5. Expanding the finance business
  6. Growth as the Group
  7. Sustainability

Informations and financial results up to the fiscal year ending March 2019 are here.

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Business Segments Forecast

Personal Services

Business Services

Business Segments Result

Personal Services

Business Services

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Personal Services

Communication Services (au and MVNO mobile services, FTTH, CATV), Energy, Education, and Other Services for Individuals

In mobile services, the segment offers "au" brand services and MVNO services provided by consolidated subsidiaries such as UQ Communications Inc. , Fixed-line services include "au Hikari" brand FTTH services, CATV service, and others.
The segment also provides non-telecommunications services such as the "au WALLET Market" product sales service through au shops, as well as energy services such as "au Denki" and education services provided under the "AEON" brand.

Performance (IFRS)

Life Design Services [1]

Providing Commerce, Finance, Settlement, Entertainment, and Other Services for Individuals.

This segment provides individuals with value-added services as non-telecommunications services both online and offline. The segment makes subscription services, such as the digital content of "au Smart Pass/au Smart Pass Premium," more attractive.
It also strengthens the commerce business with "au Wowma!" as well as insurance and other services in the financing business, with the goal of maximizing the "au Economic Zone" and expanding earnings.

  • [1]
    From FY2019.3 segment name of "Value Services segment" is changed to "Life Design Services segment."
Performance (IFRS)

Business Services

Providing Telecommunication Services, ICT Solutions, Data Center Services, and Others for Corporations

This segment provides diverse solutions, including mobile services using devices such as smartphones and tablets as well as cloud services, networks, and applications to a wide range of corporate customers, ranging from small to major corporations. In addition, the segment is moving forward with a variety of initiatives in the IoT sector, in which all manner of things are connected to the Internet.

Performance (IFRS)

Global Services

Providing Telecommunication Services Overseas for Individuals and Corporate Customers, ICT Solutions

Data Center Services, and Others This segment offers the one-stop provision of ICT solutions to corporate customers, centered on our "TELEHOUSE" data centers. In addition, we are working aggressively to expand customer businesses, such as the telecommunications business in Myanmar and Mongolia.

Performance (IFRS)

For more detailed financial information, please refer to the "Financial results presentation".

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