IR Basic Policy

  • IR Basic Policy is an item for resolution by the Board of Directors.

KDDI recognizes its shareholders and investors as extremely important stakeholders who fully understand and strongly support its ongoing business.
For this reason, KDDI places top management priority on building a trusting relationship with its shareholders and investors, ensuring value-oriented corporate management, active information disclosure, and enhanced communication.

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IR Basic Policy

Three IR Activity Guidelines

Through IR based on the activity guidelines outlined below, we strive to build long-term, trust-based relationships with shareholders and investors, as well as maximize our corporate value.

Open IR activities

We value interactive dialogue with our shareholders and investors as well as ensuring accountability to our shareholders and investors through honest and fair information disclosure.

Proactive IR activities

By always incorporating new ideas into our IR activities, we strive to make KDDI known to more people and promote further knowledge of the Company.

Organized IR activities

Under the leadership of management, all of our officers and employees, including those of Group companies, engage in organized IR activities to further increase corporate value.

Practice of IR Activity Guidelines

To achieve open IR activities

KDDI builds trusting relationships with its shareholders and investors by practicing the following:

  • We continuously disclose our corporate information in a timely and fair manner.
  • We strive to clearly express accurate information.
  • We value interactive communication.

Six points for achieving open IR activities

Timeliness We disclose information as promptly as possible.
Fairness We strive to disclose information widely and fairly.
Continuity We continue to release disclosed information as a general rule.
Accuracy We always strive to disclose accurate information.
Clarity We express information clearly.
Interaction We value dialogue with shareholders and investors.

To achieve proactive IR activities

KDDI enhances the effectiveness of IR activities by practicing the following:

  • Perceiving IR as part of our efforts to increase corporate value, we discuss with our shareholders and investors at a high level through more proactive information disclosure, and maximize our corporate value by reflecting the voices of our shareholders and investors in our business operations.
  • In addition to segment information often requested by our shareholders and investors and performance indicators accurately expressing KDDI's growth and competitive edge, we effectively utilize non-financial information including KDDI's management philosophy, vision and strategy, superiority, risk factors and their countermeasures and other qualitative information. We promote public understanding of KDDI's comprehensive strength and strategies, and work to obtain legitimate market evaluation.
  • As a company with a social mission to "create an affluent communication society", we tirelessly endeavor to enrich communication methods with new ideas.

Systematic chart of IR information

Image: Systematic chart of IR information

To achieve organized IR activities

KDDI engages in organized IR activities by practicing the following:

  • All our officers and employees including group companies work on IR activities as members of the company to fulfill the responsibility of increasing our corporate value.
  • All our officers and employees recognize the definition and communication method of the information to be disclosed and undertake individual roles to proactively participate in communication with our shareholders and investors.
  • We share disclosed IR information and the voices of our shareholders and investors within the entire company, and review each job responsibility via objective assessment.
IR information disclosure mechanism

KDDI has an in-house Disclosure Committee that probes and discusses information and ensures shared recognition to realize more accurate information disclosure at its earnings results' release.

Image: IR information disclosure mechanism

IR Quiet Period

For two weeks before an earnings release, KDDI enforces a "quiet period" to prevent the leakage of earnings information.
During this period, KDDI is unable to comment on or answer any questions regarding earnings releases.

Disclosure Information Standard and Disclosure Means

In its dialogue with shareholders and investors, KDDI does not communicate insider information (important facts that have not been announced publicly). Furthermore, KDDI discloses material information that may impact on investment decisions and share prices in a fair manner so that all market participants have equal access.
If material information is inadvertently disclosed in a restricted manner, KDDI will promptly announce it publicly by posting it on our IR website and so forth.

Positioning one the Company's website

KDDI places top management priority on building a trusting relationship with its shareholders and investors. For the continuous disclosure of our corporate information in a timely and fair manner, we utilize our Investor Relations website.
KDDI makes efforts to post this information on this website as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, the posting of information could be delayed due to information and communication technology-related failure or other factors. And there may be times that information is not disclosed in its entirety.
In addition the figures included on this website, including the business performance target and the target for the number of subscribers are all projected data based on the information currently available to the KDDI Group, and are subject to variable factors such as economic conditions, a competitive environment and the future prospects for newly introduced services.
Accordingly, please be advised that the actual results of business performance or of the number of subscribers may differ substantially from the projections described on this website.

E-mail Alerts

E-mail Alerts is a service that informs subscribers by E-mail of updates to the Investor Relations website, financial results, and other vital up-to-the-minute information.

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