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You can change the characters on each page to the size you prefer.
For instance, click [Large] to enlarge the size.

  • Cannot change text size when viewing with a smartphone.


Please click here to print the page.

  • Printing is also possible using the browser's print function.
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Switch the Language

There is the button "日本語ページへ" on the right side of the page title. Click on this, you can go to Japanese page.

  • The IR site has a language switch button up to the third level. (except some page)
    If you want to switch the language from the page below the fourth level, please move to the third level via Breadcrumbs list and use it.


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  • In this site, there are some pages for which the following plug-in applications are available.
  • The latest version of these applications are available as a free download here.

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Please refer to "Regarding RSS(XML) Distribution" page.

Regarding RSS(XML) Distribution

System Requirements

Please refer to "System Requirements" page.

System Requirements

Web Accessibility

The IR site supports accessibility and considers the following items.


Text links and buttons have sufficient size and width.
The text link is underlined when the mouse is over it, making it easy to recognize that it is a link.
Using the same icons make easy to recognize "opening a new window".

Download files

The link to PDF, Excel file, etc. describes the data size so that the processing time can be recognized. In addition, the link to the video site describes the playback time to make it easy to recognize the time for watching the video.

Non-text information

Alt attribute (alternate text information) to the image is set. The Alt attribute is not set for images that do not have meaning such as decoration.

Operation and Input

Most of the operations performed by a pointing device such as a mouse or touch panel can be performed with the keyboard.

E-mail Alerts

E-mail Alerts is a service that informs subscribers by E-mail of updates to the Investor Relations website, financial results, and other vital up-to-the-minute information.

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