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Personal Services Segment Operating Revenue ¥3,633.0 billion Operating Income ¥711.1 billion EBITDA ¥1,241.2 billion

Provision of communications services for individuals and more

This segment provides mobile and fixed-line communications services for individual customers. In mobile, these chiefly include services under the mainstay "au" brand and MVNO services provided by consolidated subsidiaries such as UQ Communications Inc. Fixed-line services include "au HIKARI" brand FTTH services, CATV services and other services. The segment also provides non-telecommunications services such as the "au WALLET Market" product sales service making use of au shops, as well as energy services such as "au Denki."

Providing Customer Experience Value

In August 2016, KDDI introduced "au STAR [1]," a free membership program designed with the goal of encouraging customers to use au services for the long term, and began steadily expanding. The program offers three special benefits: "au STAR Loyal," which presents customers with WALLET points every month depending on the number of years they have used au and their fixed rate fees on eligible plans; the "au STAR Passport," which allows customers to make priority reservations at au shops; and "au STAR Gift," available to all registered customers.


In December 2016, KDDI opened au SENDAI, its largest directly operated shop. Taking advantage of its wide space, the shop includes the "BLUE LEAF CAFÉ" and holds events and workshops, as well as exhibits covering the Tohoku reconstruction assistance efforts. In this way, au SENDAI presents a new type of shop that embodies the integration of communications and lifestyle.

  • [1]
    For individual users of au smartphones and au feature phones. Requires membership registration (free).

Inside the au SENDAI shop

Expansion of Pricing Plans

Since September 2016, KDDI has been offering "SUPER Dejira," a new fixed-rate data service for au smartphone high-volume data users that expands data limits to 20GB or 30GB.
Compared to the conventional service, which offers an additional 3GB (from 5GB to 8GB) for an additional fee of ¥1,700, the new service "SUPER Dejira" quadruples the data allowance (from 5GB to 20GB) for just an additional ¥1,000. This has resulted in steady growth in the number of subscribers, mainly to 20GB plans.

Convertional Service New Service "SUPER Dejira"

  • [2]
    All rates shown are exclusive of tax.
    Basic rate (when Everybody Discount is applied) + Fixed rate data service + Internet connection fee.
    The basic rate provides unlimited free domestic calls for calls of five minutes or less. Each call in excess of five minutes will incur a separate charge of ¥20 yen for each 30 seconds over five minutes.

Entering the Energy Business with "au Denki"

In April 2016, KDDI began providing the "au Denki" service nationwide [3]. When used in conjunction with au feature phone and smartphone services, customers can receive the equivalent of up to 5% of their monthly "au Denki" bill in WALLET points [4] on their "au WALLET" prepaid card. In addition, the "au Denki App" helps users to enjoy benefits in their lives by providing information on electricity usage and rates at a glance, offering advice on energy saving in line with individual customer lifestyles.

Bigger Discounts on Monthly Electricity Payments

  • [3]
    Excluding Okinawa Prefecture and some island locations
  • [4]
    The previous discount service that provided cash back to "au WALLET" prepaid cards ended on August 28, 2017.

Enhancing the Value of the au Brand

As products and services become more homogeneous in the domestic telecommunications market, enhancing brand value is indispensable for ensuring more of our customers continue to support us.
KDDI is advancing efforts to improve the quality of every touchpoint to our customers, not only through our products and services, but in everything such as advertising and customer service. Among these efforts, in advertising, we were named Brand of the Year in the CM Research Center's 2016 TV Commercial Favorability Ranking, our third consecutive year as the No. 1 preferred commercial, and earning us the Best Advertiser Award.

[Initiatives to Improve Service] Providing Safe and Secure Products and Services

KDDI is engaged in a variety of initiatives intended to ensure that a wide range of customers, from children to seniors, can use our services safely and securely.
In products, we launched the "miraie f" smartphone for children. Our goal was to provide products for children and their parents to use with peace of mind by including functions to shield users from Internet dangers and prevent overuse, as well as a personal safety alarm and location tracker. For "BASIO2," a smartphone for seniors, we have designed features to make the device easy to operate for first-time smartphone users. The telephone, email, and camera have been made easy to use, and the device includes a typing assistant function that provides on-screen tips on how to type in characters.
In services, we provide an age-checking service to website providers where customers who consent have their age data (data on whether the user meets the age specified by the content providing company) provided to CGM [5] and social media websites.

  • [5]
    CGM: Consumer Generated Media. A collective name for media where consumers can distributed their own information, such as social media, blogs, and buzz marketing sites.

E-mail Alerts

E-mail Alerts is a service that informs subscribers by E-mail of updates to the Investor Relations website, financial results, and other vital up-to-the-minute information.

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