Activities by Segment

Value Services Segment Operating Revenue ¥451.1 billion Operating Income ¥95.9 billion EBITDA ¥117.3 billion

Provision of content and settlement services for individuals and more

This segment provides individuals with content, settlement and other value-added services both online and offline. The segment makes monthly subscription services, such as the digital content of "au Smart Pass/au Smart Pass Premium," more attractive. It also strengthens the commerce business with "Wowma!" and other services, as well as insurance and other services in the financing business, with the goal of maximizing the "au Economic Zone" and expanding earnings of non-telecommunications services.

"au Smart Pass Premium" Service Begins

In January 2017, KDDI began offering "au Smart Pass Premium," an upgraded service of "au Smart Pass." With "au Everyday," which offers daily discounts on movies and karaoke and free gifts such as french fries, and "Recovery Support" for times when devices become damaged, the service provides special offers and peace of mind in an effort to enhance customer experience value.

Strengthening the Data Analysis Segment

With the goal of enhancing customer experience value and promoting partner businesses through the use of data analytics, KDDI established ARISE analytics Co., Ltd. as a premise for a joint venture with Accenture Japan Ltd. By focusing on development of next-generation chat services and recommendation engines incorporating the latest AI technology, and on supporting analysis of data owned by the KDDI Group, ARISE analytics will contribute to enhancing customer experience value across a wide variety of value-added services, including telecommunications and the IoT business.

ARISE analytics

Boosting the Commerce Business to Expand the "au Economic Zone"

As of the end of March 2017, KDDI's online shopping service "au WALLET Market" had more than five million subscribers. We will continue to offer au users an enhanced lineup of carefully selected products in order to provide shopping services that suit individual customer lifestyles.
In January 2017, we also integrated the service brands of the "au Shopping Mall" and "DeNA Shopping" to offer "Wowma!," a new shopping mall brand that delivers "Wow!" experiences daily to individual users. The "Wowma!" shopping mall site provides a comprehensive selection of the latest and most popular fashions, cosmetics, gourmet foods and everyday items. "Wowma!" will allow us to build points of contact even with customers who may not be au users, as we work to further boost the commerce business and expand the "au Economic Zone."

au WALLET Market Wowma!

[Initiatives to Improve Service] Online Support System

KDDI provides the "Anshin Total Support" service for a fee to customers using the "au one net" Internet service provider with specialist operator support for various Internet problems from 9:00 a.m. till 11:00 p.m. each day, 365 days a year.
The "Anshin Total Support" service is an additional service for "au one net" where specialist operators answer questions about how to connect, set up, use network equipment and more. The service caters to a wide range of customer needs concerning PC peripheral equipment and software settings, as well as KDDI equipment, to provide a more convenient Internet environment.

E-mail Alerts

E-mail Alerts is a service that informs subscribers by E-mail of updates to the Investor Relations website, financial results, and other vital up-to-the-minute information.

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