Activities by Segment

Global Services Segment Operating Revenue ¥277.2 billion Operating Income ¥24.2 billion EBITDA ¥37.0 billion

Overseas provision of communications for companies and individuals, as well as solution/cloud services and more

This segment offers the one-stop provision of ICT solutions to corporate customers, centered on our "TELEHOUSE" data centers. In addition, we are working aggressively to expand customer businesses, such as the telecommunications business in Myanmar and Mongolia.

Promoting the Telecommunications Business in Emerging Countries

In the telecommunications business in Myanmar, we worked to improve telecommunications quality through area optimization. For example, we expanded mobile phone base stations in major metropolitan suburbs and regional cities to improve area coverage for high-speed data networks. In October 2016, we launched 4G LTE service on the 2.1GHz band indoors in some areas of Yangon and Naypyidaw, and also began offering "LTE+" on our newly acquired 1.8GHz band at the end of May 2017.
In the telecommunications business in Mongolia, MobiCom Corporation LLC, which has the top share of domestic mobile communications subscriptions, began offering 4G LTE services in the capital of Ulaanbaatar in May 2016.

[Initiatives to Improve Service] Maintaining and Operating a Global Network

KDDI connects the networks of telecommunications companies around the world, and works to maintain and operate a global network connecting regions worldwide in cooperation with those companies. In its international telecommunications services, KDDI also uses undersea optic cable, which offers outstanding reliability, as a backbone network to offer high-quality services. At the same time, KDDI is working to provide services that leverage new technology, primarily IP services.
Undersea cable, which handles 99% of Japan's international traffic (according to KDDI research), is an important part of our social infrastructure. Demand for telecommunications is expected to grow even further in the Asia and Pacific regions, and we will respond to that demand by providing telecommunications services with an even higher level of reliability.

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