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Business Services Segment Operating Revenue ¥637.3 billion Operating Income ¥72.1 billion EBITDA ¥119.7 billion

Provision of communications and solution/cloud services for companies and more

This segment provides diverse solutions, including mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and cloud services, that seamlessly utilize networks and applications to a wide range of corporate customers, ranging from small to major corporations. In addition, the segment is moving forward with a variety of initiatives in the IoT sector, in which all manner of things are connected with the Internet.

Promoting Development of a Platform for "Connected Cars"

KDDI is working with Toyota Motor Corporation to promote "connected cars" by developing a global telecommunications platform that will enable high-quality, reliable telecommunications on a global basis between the cloud and on-board telecommunications devices.
With the approach of the IoT age, where all manner of things will be connected to the Internet, the KDDI Group is making an all-out effort to bring together its accumulated expertise in supporting the business growth of its corporate customers on a global scale.

[Initiatives to Improve Service] Initiatives to Provide Satisfaction for Corporate Customers

The KDDI ENTERPRISE USERS' GROUP is an organization run by corporate customers of KDDI's services. KDDI provides office support for the group's activities, where members from different industries gather to hold seminars, site visits, and workshops, working to interact, study, and build friendships. These activities also provide an opportunity for us to reflect the opinions of the members in improvements to KDDI services and new product development.
The KDDI ENTERPRISE USERS' GROUP helps to invigorate our communication with members through site visits and seminars that can only be experienced through the group.

E-mail Alerts

E-mail Alerts is a service that informs subscribers by E-mail of updates to the Investor Relations website, financial results, and other vital up-to-the-minute information.

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