KDDI's Material Issues for CSR

KDDI has identified four material issues for CSR as priority tasks to be addressed. Among the numerous issues we face in relation to our businesses, we identified those of highest concern to society and initiatives that we need to focus on to achieve sustainable growth together with society.

Governance: Offering Reliable Information and Communications Services

KPI: Improvement rate on issues identified in Companywide disaster response training in FY2016.3

Target: 100% --> Result: 100%

Society: Creating a Safe and Secure Information and Communications Society

KPI: KDDI Smartphone and Mobile Phone Safety Classes (Example)

  • Junior Course Satisfaction Level

    Target: 90 points --> Result: 93.7 points

  • Senior Course Understanding Level

    Target: 83% --> Result: 82%

Society: Vitalizing the Company by Developing a Diverse Workforce

KPI: 200 female line managers appointed by March 31, 2021 (Example)

111 as of April 1, 2017

Environment: Initiatives to Conserve the Global Environment

KPI: Reduce electric power consumption by FY2017.3
(compared with the level if energy-saving measures had not been implemented) (Example)

Target: 30% --> Result: 41.8%

Revision of Material Issues for CSR

KDDI has started to revise the material issues for CSR specified in 2008, in response to recent dramatic changes in social trends.
In specifying the material issues for CSR, we have tested them against the GRI standard. We have based them on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to provide a perspective for stakeholder evaluation, and we have tested their appropriateness through various modes of stakeholder engagement, such as dialogue with external experts. For details of the revision process, please refer to "Integrated Report (Detailed ESG Version)".

For more detailed ESG information not included in this report, please refer to "Integrated Report (Detailed ESG Version)".

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