Activities by Segment

Business Services Segment, Operating Revenue ¥750.0 billion, Operating Income ¥84.5 billion, EBITDA ¥133.0 billion

Providing Telecommunication Services, ICT Solutions, Data Center Services, and Others for Corporations

This segment provides diverse solutions, including mobile services using devices such as smartphones and tablets as well as cloud services, networks, and applications to a wide range of corporate customers, ranging from small to major corporations. In addition, the segment is moving forward with a variety of initiatives in the IoT sector, in which all manner of things are connected to the Internet.

Key Initiatives

Promoting the IoT Business

KDDI is working with Toyota Motor Corporation to promote "connected cars" by developing a global communications platform that will enable high-quality, reliable telecommunications between the cloud and on-board telecommunications devices.
KDDI's global communications platform can automatically connect or switch to selected telecom carriers in each country or region under a global environment. This enables integrated management of telecommunication lines and charge information as well as users' usage histories and usage rights in the management of various items connected via the IoT.
The platform will support smooth global business development by enabling companies to centrally manage vehicles and construction machinery that move between countries and regions along with various items of industrial equipment that are shipped globally, without needing to worry about the IoT management environment.
KDDI now plans to expand application of this platform beyond automobiles for use in various industry sectors.

Solving Social Issues through Business

KDDI IoT Cloud―Toilet Water-Saving Management

This service connects toilet flush valves to controllers in each stall, using IoT to understand toilet usage and allowing for control over the optimal amount of water in each flush.
In office and public restrooms, toilets with only one setting for flushing are common, leading to excessive water use. "KDDI IoT Cloud―Toilet Water-Saving Management" uses a sensor set in toilet stalls to detect the length of time the user is in the stall and determine the amount of water to be used in each flush, reducing waste from excess flushing.
This service has the potential to save as much as 40-50% [1] more water than conventional toilets, reducing costs as well as being environmentally friendly.

  • [1]
    Estimates based on valve manufacturer's performance. Percentage may be lower depending on installation environment.

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