Activities by Segment

Global Services Segment, Operating Revenue ¥248.7 billion, Operating Income ¥31.9 billion, EBITDA ¥43.8 billion

Providing Telecommunication Services for Individuals and Corporate Customers Overseas, ICT Solutions, Data Center Services, and Others

This segment offers the one-stop provision of ICT solutions to corporate customers, centered on our "TELEHOUSE" data centers. In addition, we are working aggressively to expand customer businesses, such as the telecommunications business in Myanmar and Mongolia.

Key Initiatives

Promoting the Telecommunications Business Overseas

In the consumer telecommunications business in Myanmar, we introduced carrier aggregation (CA [1]) technology to our 1.8GHz band LTE services in May 2017, achieving downlink communication speeds up to 300Mbps [2]. As a result, we were designated as the fastest mobile telecommunications operator in Myanmar for a second consecutive year [3].
In Mongolia, we became the first to introduce CA technology in November 2017, launching high-speed data communication services with downlink communication speeds up to 225Mbps [2], twice as fast as any previous service.
We will continue to make efforts to expand our businesses in both Myanmar and Mongolia as a telecommunications operator boasting the number one domestic share in those countries.

Solving Social Issues through Business

Long-Term Training Program for MPT Employees

KDDI has started a long-term employee training program for MPT employees, with the goal of raising customer satisfaction in Myanmar and further improving the quality of telecommunications services. In the first term, four MPT [4] employees (two technical and two business management staff) were chosen to come to KDDI for one year from July 2017 to June 2018.
In this program, after Japanese language study and basic lectures, the trainees undergo practical training at the hands of KDDI personnel active on the front lines of the business. This allowed the trainees to learn about the high-quality Japanese network technology that KDDI has cultivated through many years of offering telecommunications services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and the knowledge and expertise in sales, marketing and service planning gained in a competitive environment.
After completing the program, the trainees returned to Myanmar and will utilize the technology, expertise and business skills they learned in Japan to contribute to their home country's development.

  • [1]
    Carrier aggregation makes simultaneous use of multiple bandwidths, aggregating them to conduct data communication, thereby increasing the maximum downlink communication speed.
  • [2]
    This is a best-effort service. The speed listed is the maximum value for the technology standard and does not represent the actual speed in use.
  • [3]
    We received the "Speedtest (R) Award" based on a survey by Ookla (R), LLC, for the periods of July to December 2016 and January to June 2017.
  • [4]
    Myanma Posts and Telecommunications, our partner in the telecommunications business in Myanmar.

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