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This segment offers the one-stop provision of ICT solutions to corporate customers, centered on our "TELEHOUSE" data centers. In addition, we are working aggressively to expand customer businesses, such as the telecommunications business in Myanmar and Mongolia.

Key Initiatives

Initiatives to Develop the Telecommunications Business in Emerging Countries

In Myanmar, KDDI launched the MPT Club in May 2018 as the first point program in Myanmar, with the goal of improving customer retention. It is a shared point program that can be used at affiliated stores and, as of March 31, 2019, a total of 28 companies had signed on, including convenience stores, restaurants, and movie theaters.
As of March 31, 2019, our LTE+ services could be used at 314 of the nation's 330 townships. Just one year and eight months after launch, the service was providing 300Mbps [1] high-speed access across almost all of Myanmar.
As the telecommunications carrier with the No. 1 share in the country, we will continue efforts to expand operations.

  • [1]
    Best-effort service. The listed speed is the maximum speed based on technical specifications, and actual speeds may be slower.

Solving Social Issues through Business: Global Business

Infrastructure maintenance through its global business, KDDI encourages economic development in countries with inadequate

Social issues
Slow development of telecommunications environments, economies and industries in developing countries
Digital divides in developing countries

KDDI's Vision

In developing countries, KDDI aims to eliminate the digital divide by offering hardware and software assistance for information telecommunications and by helping improve the livelihoods of people in these countries through economic and industrial development and upgrades to telecommunications infrastructure.
Through these initiatives, KDDI will contribute to the realization of a society where everyone has easy access to telecommunications and information.

KDDI's Initiatives

KDDI is leveraging the experience, know-how and technological capabilities it has accumulated around the world in the telecommunications services business to develop reliable, "Japan-quality" telecommunications services with expanded 4G LTE coverage in Myanmar, Mongolia, and other developing countries. By offering inexpensive and fair access to telecommunications networks, we will increase the number of mobile connections in these countries, while contributing to economic development and the realization of more comfortable lifestyles. We are also involved in peripheral businesses around telecommunications that contribute to sustained growth in these countries. With the aim of eliminating Digital divides in international society, we proactively participate in ICT projects and offer technological consultation in developing countries in addition to contributing to the training of technicians through education and training programs in the ICT field.

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