Activities by Segment

This segment provides diverse solutions, including mobile services using devices such as smartphones and tablets as well as networks, applications, and cloud services to a wide range of corporate customers, ranging from small to major corporations. In addition, the segment is moving forward with a variety of initiatives in the IoT sector, in which all manner of things are connected to the Internet.

Key Initiatives

Promoting the IoT Business

KDDI has been promoting a platform for providing services to all industries based on the KDDI IoT World Architecture, an evolved version of the Global Communications Platform that KDDI is jointly developing with Toyota Motor Corporation.
KDDI IoT World Architecture is a business IoT platform for providing cloud-based services, applications and data analysis in addition to connectivity. It is designed around the Company's new recurring business model. The KDDI IoT World Architecture supports customers by selecting and making available the optimal network for them, offering data collection and analysis services in collaboration with KDDI's partners, and providing support for compliance with relevant laws and regulations as well as device authentication.
KDDI plans to increase the number of collaborative partners and help corporate customers solve issues related to the global rollout of their IoT solutions, offering strong support for customers dealing with business change and growth.

Performance Analysis by Segment

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