Realizing Sustained Growth and Medium- and Long-Term Improvement in Corporate Value

As a telecommunications operator that provides social infrastructure, KDDI has the important social mission of enabling stable communications services on an ongoing basis, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, regardless of conditions.
Furthermore, as a telecommunications operation, our business derives from utilizing radio waves―an important asset shared by all citizens. Accordingly, we recognize that we have the social responsibility to address the issues society faces and seek to resolve them through telecommunications.
To achieve this social mission and fulfill our social responsibility, KDDI is committed to sustaining growth and enhancing corporate value over the medium and long term through measures to achieve its newly created medium-term management plan spanning the period of April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2022 (FY20.3-FY22.3).

The KDDI Group Mission Statement

The KDDI Group values and cares about the material and emotional well-being of all its employees, and delivers a thrilling customer experience by always going further than expected with the ultimate goal of achieving a truly connected society.

Brand message

Company Vision

  1. The company the customer can feel closest to
  2. A company that continues to produce excitement
  3. Contributing to the sustainable growth of society

Business Strategy

  1. Creating innovation toward the 5G era
  2. The integration of telecommunications and life design
  3. Further expansion of global business
  4. Utilizing big data
  5. Expanding the finance business
  6. Growth as the Group
  7. Sustainability

Financial Target

We achieve sustainable profit growth and further strengthen shareholder returns.

Strengthen Management Infrastructure

Practicing the KDDI Group Philosophy
Thoroughly managing profitability by segment

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