Activities by Segment

In mobile services, the segment offers the mainstay "au" brand services and MVNO services provided by consolidated subsidiaries such as UQ Communications Inc. Fixed-line services include "au Hikari" brand FTTH services, CATV service, and others.
The segment also provides non-telecommunications services such as the "au WALLET Market" product sales service making use of au shops, as well as energy services such as "au Denki" and education services provided under the "AEON" brand.

Key Initiatives

Pricing Plans in Tune with Customer Needs

In August 2018, KDDI launched the "au Flat Plan 25 Netflix Pack" as a rate plan that bundles smartphone telecommunications charges with monthly Netflix fees as a discounted package for customers who enjoy watching highly entertaining Netflix video content.
KDDI has long been a leader in rolling out pricing plans and services in tune with customer needs, beginning with "au Smart Value," a discount bundle for mobile and fixed-line telecommunications services, and the "au Pitatto Plan" and "au Flat Plan" with charges set according to data usage tiers.
The "au Pitatto Plan" and "au Flat Plan" have been quite popular with customers, as shown by the number of subscriptions rising above 13 million in March 2019.

Improving au Brand Value

With the quality of services becoming homogeneous on the domestic telecommunications market, improving brand value is essential to winning over more customers.
KDDI is making concerted efforts to improve the quality of interactions with customers, from the products and services it offers to advertising and customer services. In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019, KDDI was selected as the BRAND OF THE YEAR 2018 for the popularity of its commercials by CM Soken Consulting. This marked the fourth consecutive year (since the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016) that KDDI has been selected as the number one brand.

Solving Social Issues through Business: Telecommunications Business

Through our telecommunications business, we contribute to a safer and more resilient connected world.

Social issues
Decline in quality due to increase in data usage
Existence of areas with weak signals
Lifelines cut off during natural disasters
Digital divide impacting the weakest in society
Population decline, loss of industrial competitiveness

KDDI's Vision

KDDI envisions a society with high-quality telecommunications services that anyone can use without discrimination and aims to realize this vision through the provision of reliable fixed-line telephone and internet services while improving the quality of mobile telecommunications. Moreover, KDDI has built a robust network resilient to natural disasters, and has ensured the means to rapidly restore services in the event of damage.
In the fields of 5G and IoT, KDDI is contributing to a society where everyone can live in safety and security through initiatives aimed at solving social issues, including the declining working population and regional economic disparities.

KDDI's Initiatives

To improve the quality of mobile telecommunications, KDDI is sparing no effort to strengthen its networks, to this end expanding the 4G LTE coverage area while improving service quality and speed. At the same time, KDDI is developing technologies and building out foundations for the area rollout of 5G and IoT, which are essential for digital transformation.
To prepare for emergency situations, KDDI has built redundancy into its networks and put in place a structure with land, sea, and air capabilities to ensure the rapid reconstruction of damaged facilities. We also offer handsets and services that everyone can safely and securely use.

Performance Analysis by Segment

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