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Naoto Hishida

In a society where telecommunication is becoming integrated into every scene, for KDDI to create new value by combining telecommunications with various industries, it is important to evolve the organizations and people both within and outside the KDDI Group, as well as the diversity that emerges from them, by enhancing the "power to connect." We asked Mr. Hishida, the General Manager of Human Resources Division, about the concept of becoming a "Human Resources First Company" for the KDDI VISION 2030.

History with Diversity

At the core of KDDI, which has continuously created services that deliver not just surprise but also inspiration to its customers, diversity has always been present. In the year 2000, prior to the launch of next-generation mobile phone services, DDI, KDD, and IDO came together to establish KDDI. Under the banner of "Becoming a comprehensive communication carrier to rival NTT," these three companies, each with distinct organizational cultures, brought together a diverse array of talents from various backgrounds, values, and individualities. Through subsequent integrations with companies possessing various organizational cultures, we come a long way.
In a diverse environment, our company has consistently transformed diversity into the "Power of the Organization." The introduction of groundbreaking web services like "Chaku-uta" and "LISMO," along with the development of design-oriented mobile phones such as "INFOBAR," were made possible by the exchange of differing opinions and outstanding skills among individuals with various specialties.
Currently, through investments in startup companies and collaborations with partner companies, KDDI is accelerating open innovation and evolving diversity, while incorporating the individuality and expertise of the human capital involved in KDDI. These success factors can be attributed to the KDDI Group Philosophy, which has helped align the vectors of the objectives and actions of diverse human resources and enhance their centripetal force.


KDDI ∞ Labo

KDDI Group Philosophy Connecting Hearts and Minds of Employees

The KDDI Group Mission Statement is "to care about the material and emotional well-being of all its employees." While management resources are said to be people, goods, and money, "people" and moreover "the hearts and minds of people" are important. The KDDI Group Philosophy clearly states what the company exists for, what its employees aim for, and what the standards are for their actions. I believe that this is what it means to be a Human Resources First Company. Through the KDDI Group Philosophy, we have encouraged heart-to-heart communication among diverse human resources and built deep relationships of trust. By thoroughly thinking what is useful for the world and for people, and by elevating our minds, we have aligned our direction and enhanced our centripetal force.
I believe that we should continue to keep the KDDI Group Philosophy at the core of our operations and further pursue becoming a "Human Resources First Company".

Corporate Credo "Elevate Our Minds" "Asking ourselves if our motives are righteous or selfish"

Further Pursuit of Becoming a Human Resources First Company for the KDDI VISION 2030

As the business environment changes drastically and the Satellite Growth Strategy to expand business areas such as DX, finance, and energy is promoted, it is necessary to acquire human resources with more diverse expertise than ever before and create innovations leading to the advancement of business and organizational functions through the mixing of these human resources.
However, it is also true that as a result of achieving stable growth, KDDI has diminished the spirit of challenge that it possessed when it was first established and during its period of rapid growth. In a rapidly changing business environment, every employee must continue to take on challenges and grow while considering the promotion of the Satellite Growth Strategy as their own job, and accelerate innovation, and pursuing new areas. This is why we are committed to further pursuing our goal of becoming a Human Resources First Company for the KDDI VISION 2030.

Realization of a Sustainable Human Resources Portfolio

To realize the further pursuit of becoming a Human Resources First Company, it is important for independent professional human resources with expertise to continue to take on challenges and grow. In the KDDI Group, which covers a wide variety of business domains, they find places where they can demonstrate their individuality and abilities and take on challenges while developing their skills and taking on higher-level challenges. Such higher-level challenges require the collective knowledge of human resources from several different fields of expertise. As a result of the mutual recognition and enhancement of professional human resources in each area, we will achieve a sustainable human resources portfolio that will continue to produce professional human resources throughout the Group.

Enhancing of the Power to Connect Society

Human Capital, the Driving Force behind the Power to Connect Society

Maintaining and improving the physical and mental health of employees is important. In the age of work-as-life where the boundary between work and life is disappearing, "improving wellbeing through life satisfaction reform" together with work style and job satisfaction are important elements that we will pursue as a Human Resources First Company. When considering the pursuit of happiness for all employees, it is important to emphasize not only job satisfaction but also life satisfaction. When discussing with employees "When do you feel happiness?" they shared that they feel happiness when they receive gratitude from others, when they positively influence people or society, and when they experience a sense of personal growth. KDDI employees have a very strong desire to do something useful for society. I believe that such a desire is the driving force behind the "power to connect" lives, day-to-day lives, and hearts and minds. By pursuing life satisfaction for its employees, KDDI will become an even more attractive company that increases engagement with its customers, partners, and the labor market, continuing to be loved and trusted by them.

Future Prospects for Further Pursuit of Becoming a Human Resources First Company

The KDDI Version Job Style Personnel System, which was introduced to develop professional human resources who continue to take on challenges and grow, has a significant transformation for employees, and we recognize that there are issues in penetrating the system. For example, in order to become a professional human resource, employees must voluntarily find their own area of expertise and hone their skills, yet we believe that career autonomy is not easily promoted simply by changing the system. One of the solutions to the issues is to actively use and experience the system.
To solve the issues, we will work to foster a culture that encourages each employee to take on challenges and grow through career training and in-house counseling.
While there is uncertainty about major system changes, here are some examples of employees who have taken steps to enhance their expertise and skills and develop their careers through voluntary in-house side jobs, open recruitment, and the KDDI DX University (KDU).

KDU encourages challenges in new areas and career development

I had previously focused on developing my skills specializing in IoT, but a recommendation from the head of the division I was in at the time inspired me to embark on a new career, learning business skills and general DX skills at KDU.
Before attending KDU, I had no experience in learning business skills, so every single lecture taught me something new, from basic knowledge such as how to think about things and reporting to applied knowledge such as business strategy. I am now engaged in planning and customer proposals to expand sales of IoT service platforms, and actively involved in tasks ranging from market and environmental trend research to target selection and promotion of proposals. I feel that I have grown through learning at KDU.
As Japan faces an aging society with a declining birthrate, our next step is to grow on a global scale. I hope to work in such a way that I can think about what kind of businesses exist as global DX, what issues each country faces, and what KDDI can do to address these issues, using the knowledge I learned at KDU combined with the knowledge I will learn on my own in the future.

Turn my desire into my job by finding aptitudes through a side job and open recruitment

I learned about gender as a student, and when I was looking for a job, came across KDDI's advanced LGBTQ+ support efforts and became interested in KDDI's human resources work before I joined the Company. I gained five years of work experience in the Customer Service Division to which I was assigned, where I was exposed to the work styles and career perspectives of women of all ages. This experience further strengthened my desire to promote the free and autonomous career development of women working at KDDI, so I took a side job in the Human Resources Division then was transferred to the Human Resources Planning Department through open recruitment.
Before participating in the side job program, I was worried about changing jobs, but the experience of having a side job gave me confidence in the strength of my desire and allowed me to boldly take on the challenge of open recruitment. At the time of application, I believe I was able to clearly explain my desire to work in the human resources field, for which I have deepened my understanding through my side job.
The in-house side job program is a system that allows individual employees to take on challenges without hesitation, and I hope that more employees will take advantage of this system. After transferring to the Human Resources Planning Department, I broadened my perspective on the system and learned that it is a mechanism for passing on the skills of personnel with expertise and for improving organizational operational efficiency. I think we need to promote this system so that more people will want to utilize it, not only from the perspective of individual employees, but also from the perspective of the organization itself.

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