Mid-Term Sustainability Targets (FY23.3-FY25.3)

Some changes have been made to the Mid-Term Sustainability Targets (FY23.3-FY25.3). The results for the FY23.3 are based on the indicators before the change.

  • *1
    Reference data for outside the Mid-Term Sustainability Targets period.
  • *2
    Revised in line with changes in the business environment, social trends, business expansion, etc.
  • *3
    Number since the start of the service.
  • *4
    Expanded the scope to include more than just telecommunications equipment, and reorganized definitions.
  • *5
    Cases that require reporting or notification to the competent authorities and cause severe reputational damage.
  • *6
    Number of news releases and topics by KDDI (non-consolidated) and KDDI Research, Inc.
  • *7
    Clarified specific initiatives as indicators to ensure respect for human rights.
  • *8
    Top 90% of KDDI Group procurement businesses and suppliers with known human rights risks are covered.
  • *9
    This number does not include employees who have temporarily transferred to KDDI and other companies. Personnel in managerial positions: leaders who have personnel evaluation authority and experts in specialized areas. The percentage is as of April 1st, 2023.

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