The KDDI Group Philosophy

The KDDI Group Philosophy

The KDDI Group Philosophy consists of the corporate credo, the KDDI Group Mission Statement, and five chapters with 38 items, which express the attitudes, values, and behavior that all employees need to exhibit in order to achieve sustainable growth for the Company and society. The KDDI identity and KDDI vision that we must embrace as a telecommunications operator are incorporated throughout.
The Philosophy is the foundation of our Sustainability Management and is the basic stance KDDI employees must adopt. By putting the KDDI Group Philosophy into practice, we aim to be a company admired and trusted by all stakeholders.

KDDI Group Philosophy Pocketbook

History of the KDDI Group Philosophy

In 2000, when three companies merged to form KDDI, the KDDI Group Philosophy was established with the aim of fostering a corporate culture in which employees from various backgrounds share common values. After being revised in 2013, it evolved into the current KDDI Group Philosophy.

Background of Revision

On March 11, 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake struck, and KDDI's communications network suffered tremendous damage. The earthquake made KDDI strongly reaffirm its significance of existence and mission as a telecommunications company that plays a key role in social infrastructure. To fulfill the mission, it is necessary to unite the hearts and minds of all KDDI Group employees. To this end, we felt it necessary to revise the KDDI Group Philosophy into a new set of guiding principles. In revising the Philosophy, we have indicated what kind of company KDDI aims to be and what kind of attitudes and values we should act with, and have reflected the lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake as well as content that can be applied to our own operations in all divisions. The KDDI Group Philosophy is filled with our aspirations for what we want to be as employees of KDDI.

In the Publication of the Revised KDDI Group Philosophy

KDDI has indicated that it will thoroughly pursue the following two objectives as part of its management based on the KDDI Group Philosophy.

  • We will achieve the sustainable growth of the Group by ensuring all employees share and practice the Group's vision and management guidelines, and improving employee and organizational capabilities.
  • Each employee learns the correct code of conduct and standards of judgment as a good person and earnestly engages in their work, thereby improving their personality and leading a meaningful life.

KDDI Group Philosophy Initiatives

KDDI believes that it is important for every employee to practice the KDDI Group Philosophy in order to permeate the KDDI Group Mission Statement, the KDDI VISION 2030, and KDDI's Sustainability Management. Accordingly, KDDI organizes study sessions for all employees to learn about the Philosophy from the very foundation, and is promoting initiatives to make employees in each organization aware of the connection between their activities and the Philosophy.
By bringing all employees together under a common set of values, we aim to build on the strengths of KDDI's sustainable growth in the future.

Image of KDDI Group Philosophy Initiatives

Image of KDDI Group Philosophy Initiatives

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