KDDI "Power to Connect"

At KDDI, our mission is to connect.

KDDI's work of connecting is more than just connecting distant locations with communication lines.
We connect much larger things―people's lives, day-to-day lives, and hearts and minds.

Connecting and Protecting Lives

This means ensuring communications during disasters with our resilient infrastructure.
It means implementing ICT technology to reduce environmental impact, helping our precious planet.

Connecting Day-to-Day Lives

This means helping resolve issues in communities, cities, and developing nations by bringing together new technologies and partners.
It involves developing human resources today, so that we can help create better lives tomorrow.

Connecting Hearts and Minds

This means implementing initiatives aimed at creating a digital society characterized by affluence and peace of mind. A society where diversity displaces isolation and all can enjoy healthy, fulfilling lives. In this age of living beyond 100, this is more important than ever.

Thus, KDDI will evolve our "Power to Connect" into an era in which new values will be generated as a result of the "blending" of telecommunications into all kinds of scenes.

Our power to make connections will help create a brighter future for all.

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