KDDI's Material Sustainability Issues

KDDI considers initiatives from two perspectives―the effect on stakeholder evaluation and decision-making, and the impact KDDI has on society, the environment, and finance. Among the various issues involving our business activities, we have established six material issues.

Respect for Human Rights and Fairness in Business


  • Human rights violations: 0 [1]
  • Responsible procurement survey response rate: 90%+
  • Stakeholder dialogues with external experts: One or more sessions per year

Safer and More Resilient Connected World


  • Number of serious accidents: 0 [2]
  • LTE population coverage rate expanded (higher than previous fiscal year)
  • Three-route core transmission lines of main communication stations: 100% [3]

Fulfilled Life Brought through ICTs


  • Response to Smartphone and Mobile Phone Safety Classes
  • Ongoing support activities to help area revitalization (Shimamono Lab: 2 islands per year)
  • Implement international cooperation projects [4] by KDDI Group: 2 and more projects

Cyber Security and Privacy Protection


  • Data security incidents: 0 [5]
  • Data security training for all employees: held at least once a year

An Energy-Efficient, Circular Economy


  • 7% reduction in CO2 in FY2031.3 compared to FY2014.3 for KDDI (in Japan, non-consolidated)
  • Build highly energy-efficient data centers in Japan and abroad

Rewarding Workplaces for Diverse Talents


  • Promoting measures to hire 200 female line managers
  • Usage rate of annual paid leave: 70%
  • Percentage of newly hired female graduates: 30%
  • Disability employment rate: statutory rate achieved
  • Employees' smoking rate: below 18%
  • Employees receiving remarks at health exam: below 55%
  • [1]
    Human rights violations refer to cases in which human rights violations (such as workplace bullying including any kinds of harassment) resulted in disciplinary actions
  • [2]
    Following the guidelines of the accident reporting criteria of Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
  • [3]
    For disaster preparedness, core transmission lines of main communication stations are arranged with three different routes that can be switched
  • [4]
    Facilitating wider access to telecommunications, education that utilizes ICTs, etc. in developing countries
  • [5]
    Data breaches, complaints, etc., that are illegal or may be subject to regulatory guidance

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