KDDI's Material Sustainability Issues: Rewarding Workplaces for Diverse Talents

Material Issue
Rewarding Workplaces for Diverse Talents
Social Issues and Recognition Risks and Opportunities for KDDI
Risks Opportunities
Japan ranks last among the group of seven major industrialized countries for labor productivity, and it is said that for Japan to maintain its real GDP growth rate will require it to triple productivity growth. Given this situation, the Japanese government is working to enable diverse work styles under the banner of "realizing the dynamic engagement of all citizens." At the same time, it is working to avoid entrenched inequality, increasing the number of middle-income earners engaging in efforts toward work style reforms that can achieve a virtuous cycle of growth and distribution. Among the issues involved in achieving those reforms are addressing the inequities and differences in treatment between regular and non-regular employees,long working hours, and Japan's traditional single-track career paths.
  • Securing talented human resources as the working-age population falls due to declining birth rates and an aging society
  • Securing and developing human resources with diverse values as KDDI enters new business fields to achieve integration of telecommunications and life design
  • Innovation through human resources with diverse values
  • Efforts to manage and improve the health of all employees can lead to continuous improvements in productivity, reduced turnover and enhanced corporate brand value

Building a Stronger Workforce to Achieve Medium-Term Targets

With the goal of "Transforming into a Life Design Company," as set forth in our medium-term targets for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2017 to the fiscal year ending March 31, 2019, KDDI has established four frameworks, one of which is to "build a stronger workforce," including development of female leaders as a KPI and as a management strategy.
Beginning in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2017, KDDI launched a "Work Style Reform Promotion Committee," comprised of the general managers responsible for each business, as part of company-wide projects.
KDDI also considers health of employees an important management issue, and in April 2018 we announced the KDDI Group Declaration of Health-focused Management in an effort to create a more vital company.

Four-part Framework for Achieving the Medium-Term Targets

Building a stronger workforce Introduction of talent management
Shift of key personnel to strategically important divisions
Global human resource cultivation
Utilization of diverse human resources

Highlights Selected as a "Nadeshiko Brand" for the Sixth Consecutive Year

Based on the KDDI Group Philosophy, KDDI is working to promote diversity as a management issue.
Promoting gender equality and female empowerment leads to the solving of issues in international society and the sustainable development of companies.
KDDI believes that the participation of women in corporate decision-making leads to a stronger company, and we are focused on developing female leaders with a target of promoting 200 females to line manager positions, who have the authority to evaluate personnel, by the end of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2021. Progress toward this goal is reported at a biannual meeting attended by management. We are also working to expand programs to cultivate female managers and these programs will form the foundation for developing female leaders.
KDDI is striving to establish an environment and foster a climate in which diverse human resources can utilize their individual strengths to perform to the best of their abilities.
As a major part of such efforts, we are focusing our efforts on cultivating female leaders, raising awareness and changing the behavior of management, and improving the working environment, so that women can continue to participate and advance in their careers even after going through life events such as giving birth and raising children.
In recognition of these efforts, in March 2018 KDDI was chosen for the sixth consecutive year since the fiscal year ended March 31, 2013 as a "Nadeshiko Brand," a program to select companies that proactively promote the advancement of women.

Appointment of Female Leaders (as of April 1, 2018)

Number of Female Managers 301
Number of Female Line Managers 118
Number of Female Officers (Directors) 1
Number of Female Directors (Outside Directors) 1


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