KDDI's Material Sustainability Issues: Cyber Security and Privacy Protection

Material Issue
Cyber Security and Privacy Protection
Social Issues and Recognition Risks and Opportunities for KDDI
Risks Opportunities
Recent years have seen many incidents worldwide in which software virus infections caused by cyberattacks have led to leaks of important confidential information, which has become a major social issue.
The KDDI Group considers the personal information it retains for its customers and the business information it retains for its business partners to be extremely important assets that need to be managed with the strictest care.
  • Loss of customer trust and the worsening of the financial position and earnings performance of the KDDI Group due to customer information leaks, compensation, etc.
  • Even higher costs to put in place communications security and customer privacy protection systems
  • Potential to develop new markets by providing secure apps that enhance reliability and services to address cyber security on a global level in response to customer needs

Initiatives to Strengthen Information Security

As a telecommunications operator, KDDI complies in protecting the confidentiality of communications. At the same time, to protect customer information, we have established an Information Security Committee charged with preventing internal information leaks, and are also working to formulate and implement company-wide countermeasures to prevent unauthorized intrusions from external networks. The KDDI Group is also engaged in efforts to strengthen its compliance structure by establishing the KDDI Code of Conduct, a Security Policy and Privacy Policy, by distributing the Handbook for Protection of Customer Information, and through the establishment of a Business Ethics Committee. In addition, KDDI takes various security management measures from a technical, organizational, and human perspective, efforts that include controlling authorization for use of customer information systems used to manage personal information; strengthened monitoring of system use; preservation of access logs; and prohibitions against removal of internal data and the copying of information from work computers to external memory devices. To educate employees on these measures, KDDI conducts ongoing training for all employees on communications confidentiality and the protection of customer information.
KDDI is also working with its outsourcers, in particular the au shops, striving to ensure improved store operations, inspections and education.
To ensure the security of customer information, apps for "au Smart Pass" are screened to verify that they behave in accordance with the KDDI Privacy Policy.
KDDI is also a member of the Japan Smartphone Security Association (JSSEC), an outside body, and is engaged in activities to strengthen security through that organization.

Highlights Demonstration Test for Digital Receipts into Social Infrastructure

From February 13 to February 28, 2018, KDDI Research participated in experiments conducted by Toshiba Tec Corporation for a standard data format for digital receipts and a digital receipt platform compatible with the API. The tests were conducted as part of the New Industry Model Creation Base Development Project for Promoting IoT, organized by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). The experiments were designed to examine the standard specification for digital receipts formulated by METI, and to test the usefulness of a standardized digital receipt platform in the retail store environment across different industries and formats.
From the perspective of personal information protection, KDDI Research provided a Privacy Policy Manager (PPM) it had developed as a mechanism for enabling individual users to protect (mask) their own personal information when providing data.

Digital Receipt Platform

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